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Dead Island Epidemic

Dead Island: Epidemic Enters Closed Beta

The previously announced closed beta for Deep Silver’s MOBA (sorry... "ZOMBA"), Dead Island: Epidemic, has entered closed beta. As an incentive, Deep Silver is also offering exclusive in-game items and rewards that players can keep after the beta finishes. 

Epidemic pits three teams of four against each other, instead of the current norm of two teams. It will also feature gameplay mechanics similar to the other games in the Dead Island franchise, including weapon crafting.

Signups for the beta program are at Dead Island: Epidemic will launch as a free to play game on PC. For more info, be sure to check out our hands-on preview with the game. 

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  • never really liked dead island and I can't see how this will be any good....BABA BOOOOOEY
  • Everyone had to have their own MMO. Everyone had to have their own FPS. Now everyone has to have their own MOBA.

  • I'm just confused as to why it's a Dead Island MOBA. Why did they chose that over some of the other franchises they own? Or create an original IP for it? Either way, I love me some MOBA.
  • Who do you voodoo b*tch?

  • Ive found Dead Island games pretty fun in the past but this does not interest me as of yet. Could be good tho. Gonna have to wait and see i suppose.
  • I don't like MOBAs so I will skip this Dead Island. I hope they go back to the traditional Dead Island.

  • It's actually pretty fun.

  • The first Dead Island was a blast, haven't played Riptide yet, and I don't care about MOBA's.

  • Why Dead Island? I'm trying to stomach through that game right now and can't see why anyone enjoyed this game other than zombies. We should get a Gears of War MOBA

  • I expected to find the next Dead Island game (which would be a bit irrelevant to me given Dying Light's approaching launch), and instead I got... Dead Island MOBA? ... All right, if you say so.