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Darksiders II

CG Trailer Shows Death's Acrobatic Side

THQ sends along a new pre-rendered Darksiders II trailer that showcases how badly the deadliest Horseman of the Apocalypse outmatches even the most colossal of foes.

Check out last week's trailer, or visit the hub from last July's cover story to get all kinds of inside info on Darksiders II.

Developer Vigil and THQ are shipping Darksiders II on August 14 to Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

  • his other form was four kinds of super freaking epic i really hope this game dosent pull a a dead island where you don't get to do at least kinda of what you saw in the trailer

  • never played the first one but this looks F*CKING AMAZING

  • If I don't get to do all that in the game I will be very disappointed!  XD

  • This will be MY GotY for 2012. No more questions, please.

  • Shadow of the Colossus style there. if there is that kind of mechanic in Darksiders 2 that is going to be epic!

  • That was f*cking EPIC! I probably might pick it up this September (Not August as I'll be busy with Max Payne 3, GRFS, and Harley Quinn's Revenge).

  • looks freaking awesome!

  • that was really good !!

  • it dose look freakin awesome... and per-order at gamestop last month for the ps3 version

  • This looks pretty cool.