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Darksiders II

New Darksiders II Trailer Talks About Death

The development team at Vigil Games discusses design and evolution of Darksiders II's Death.

If you've been curious about the game, which graced the cover of Game Informer, this trailer is a good primer. Despite THQ's financial difficulties, this game still has a lot of promise.

For more on the game, check out our Darksiders II Hub, which has links to loads of preview and video coverage on the title.

  • I offer you baskets of fruit and hygiene products...just bow before me.
  • I've been ready for this since darksiders

  • Hmmm got my eye on this one. I bought the first one, but got bored of it after a while. The combat and world design didn't really appeal to me.
  • This has been my most anticipated game of 2012 for a while now. I hope it doesn't get delayed anymore than it already has, but I want Vigil to make it as good as it can possibly be.

  • Looks even better then the first one.

  • OMG an ad. What is going on this is a first on GIO. (for me atleast)
  • Just picked up the first one today. I wouldn't call it the "XBOX's Zelda" like the GS game did, but the story's concept has drawn me in. This news post is pretty harmless, but--can someone tell me if Darksiders II is a direct story sequel? I want to know if I should desperately avoid all other news of it, now that I'm actually playing the first one.
  • God i want this game so bad!!!
  • Man, I can't wait! Why did it have to be pushed back.
  • Why do videos on this site sometimes not show up for me? There is just nothing there a blank empty space
  • Hell yeah! This is sweet!

  • This looks great. I just beat the first one last week and I'm really excited for 2 now. I cant believe that when I fist saw that this was the cover I thought it was just a gothic RPG that wouldnt fit my style. Boy was I wrong. I cant wait to get this game now

  • Darksiders II is looking pretty awesome, the first one was amazing. I also want Metro: Last Light; too bad it's releasing in early 2013.
  • Ah yeah! I just can't seem to get enough of Darksiders II coverage.

  • Looks worthy of a pre order.

  • This game is at the top of my "must play" list.

    Plus, that was Samael, in that video. Samael, the *** demon from the first game I couldn't get enough of. I demand more Samael!! And Vulgrim. Bring me Vulgrim!!!
  • Looks great. A spoiler warning with the video would of been nice. I wasn't expecting them to reveal the ending to Darksiders 1 in this video. My fault for not completing #1 before watching the video.

  • Extremely excited for this game.

  • The first one got boring half way through but this one looks promising

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