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Darksiders II

CG Trailer Shows Death's Acrobatic Side

THQ sends along a new pre-rendered Darksiders II trailer that showcases how badly the deadliest Horseman of the Apocalypse outmatches even the most colossal of foes.

Check out last week's trailer, or visit the hub from last July's cover story to get all kinds of inside info on Darksiders II.

Developer Vigil and THQ are shipping Darksiders II on August 14 to Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

  • That was freakin awesome!
  • I might get this simply because it has a summer release date. I need something to keep me busy until Dishonred.
  • eleventh
  • I have one sitting on my shelf and have been meaning to play it.  After this.  It will be completed for the new one.  I am sold!!!!!!!

  • Like a Boss, I seriously can't wait for this game ^^
  • Epic!I think this is gonna surprise a lot of people with game of the year awards
  • Been ready for this after the first one ended
  • Darksiders II looks promising hopefully it wont feel like a copy of GoW or something the trailer does look pretty cool though.
  • shadow of the colossus!! man this trailer looks dope as hell, that horse! and grim reaper form thing!

  • Awesome to have more trailers!

  • Did I hear a Reaper at the end?
  • I didn't like Darksiders, it was too much "Frustrating" difficulty, then fun and challenging difficulty.

    Wasn't going to get this, but if the combat is half as cool as this, I will.
  • i loved the first game and can't wait for this one, but that trailer was a total yawn. all the moves were bland and i didn't have a single "oh, ***" moment. that's too bad.
  • I think that guy "my pants are on fire" might be excited about this game. Just a guess.
    Also, I would pay good money to see a fight between Dante and Death. And I bet if "my pants are on fire" comments, he will go into a fanboy frenzy and say Death will rape Dante or some crap like that.
  • Go Death...oh wait.
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  • That was Sick. I will take Death over War any day.
  • I could do that, I just have to stretch first.
  • epic
  • This game has a strong chance at GOTY.
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