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Dark Souls

'Beacon Fire' System Provides Respite In Dark Souls

Details are still scarce when it comes to From Software's follow-up to Demon's Souls, aside from a teasing comment that the game will be harder than its predecessor. From and publisher Namco Bandai have released a new batch of Dark Souls screens today, and while they don't shed much light on the game the accompanying press release does discuss a new feature that supposedly affects gameplay in significant ways.

The Beacon Fire (pictured below) is a safe zone for players, giving them a place to heal and save their game, as well as serving as an in-game checkpoint location. It also looks an awful lot like a firepit.

While Dark Souls isn't a direct sequel to Demon's Souls, From Software is definitely using the game as a starting point in significant ways. The game will have a similar multiplayer mode, and players will be able to leave notes for other players to read online. The game's combat is said to be similar as well. One key difference between the games is that while Demon's Souls was structured around levels, Dark Souls will be taking place across an open world.

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  • eyegasm!
  • Can't wait for this game, Demon Souls brought back the frustration and thrill in gaming that I haven't experienced in years. If Dark Souls can build upon that, it will be nothing but great.

  • Demon's Souls was a game I really wanted to like, but after about 20 hours in I realized I was only playing to *play*, just to get through it, you know? I suppose for the challenge. I can't really explain why. But when I realized that, I gave it up. I don't necessarily want this one to be more accessible, but I hope it has what Demon's Souls was missing (whatever that was).
  • I have to say the monster made of teeth has me speculating what the bosses will be in this game, bet that was just a freaking mini-boss.

  • Being able to save on your own terms in a place that acts as a haven would be a huge change. I loved Demons Souls and hope this game is as good if not better. I love the art style.

  • its open world :D..... great now I have to decide between this,Dragon Age 2, and Skyrim. decisions decisions
  • Wonder how Ctrl-Alt-Del's Ethan will handle his next Wintereenmas trek through Dark Souls since he will now have the ability to save and checkpoint? (For those of you who don't know, the comic recently had him do a non-stop run-through of Demons' Souls on one of the higher difficulties, which exhausted him so much that he had to finish the last few levels in unconscious auto-pilot.)
  • Man, this and Skyrim are going to be the most amazing rpg's ever made, and I don't know which to get first...Someone make my mind up for me.
  • plz game informer dont file Dark SOuls under Xbox 360. I dont even think they should get this game. but plz keep it under PS3.
  • I've had Demon's Souls for about two weeks. It is amazing and I regret not buying it sooner. Really looking forward to Dark Souls!

  • The open world still makes me jollies tingle.

  • i thought it said bacon fire lol

  • Most anticipated games of 2011: 1. Mass Effect 3 2. Deus Ex: Human Revolution 3. Dark Souls Can't wait for this. Gonna be playing this with my friends on XBL!
  • That was on of my main gripes about the first game - being completely linear. I wasn't necessarily excited before, but I like roaming and killing things :P

  • ahhh I can't wait..

  • "The gelgamek vagina is 3 feet wide and filled with the sharp teeth, you really expect to have sex with that?" The first picture really reminded me of that quote.
  • i want

  • Oh god yes! I love games like this.

  • Im more hyped up for this game than any other! I was always jealous of PS3 owners for having demons souls!!!!

  • Open world fantasy game that promises an unforgiving level of difficulty?  I want it.

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