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Crysis 3 Debut Trailer

Last week, EA teased a look at Crysis 3. Today, we get the full trailer showing off even more gameplay.

The nearly 2 minute long trailer gives you a taste of what you can expect: Pretty graphics, cool weapons, and strange-looking enemies. Crysis 3 is due out sometime in 2013 for Xbox 360, PC, and PlayStation 3.

  • YES 1st... oh and... BRING IT ON!!!
  • holy ***.
  • this looks so sweet wooo
  • Looks good
  • sexy. ;)
  • Wow that trailer totally makes me want to play that game. Its going to be a super long wait.

  • Could somebody make a trailer for a shooter that is not all lens-flare, strobe-cuts, heavy bass, intercut with accolades? I mean the game looks good, but I find it hard to focus on action when the editor is clearly more concerned about giving me a seizure.
  • Finally looks awesome :)

  • I think I just had a seizure, that was a lot of very brief clips

  • Awesome.. Loved the second game.. Hey is the first game worth playing if ive played the second game?
  • I can't wait to play that
  • Oh yeah!This just gets better and better!!
  • Day one buy. Earlier if my black market connections are intact.
  • I didn't care for Crysis much, it looked amazing but the AI and bad guys "one liners" drove me insane.  Much like Far Cry, the bad guys ability to detect you from 3 miles away and shoot you pin point from just as far drove me off the game.

    Crysis 2, while a big departure from how the first one was, was a fun game and looked great as well.  I just got the game again so I'll finish it up soon, but it is really fun.

    Crysis 3, so far, holy crap that looks amazing.  I give those guys major kudos, they do add a lot to each new game and I can't wait to see more in depth videos / articles about this game down the road.

  • I just hope the multiplayer in this game is much better than Crysis 2.
  • I hate it when trailers seem like they are designed to give me a seizure. Aside from the obnoxious jump cuts, the trailer was pretty cool. The bow looks like it could make the stealth gameplay really fun.

  • meh
  • I think this was directed by Michael Bay... MikaBaSplosssaaaaahhh!!!
  • Well ***, now I'm going to have to go spend 4000 dollars on a computer to play this...

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