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Crysis 3

Crysis 3 Teaser Trailer Shows Brief Bow And Arrow Gameplay

The first glimpse of Crysis 3 is short, but it's only in place to tease the full trailer, which we will see later this month.

There's a tiny little bit of gameplay, and in case you didn't know, you will be able to use a bow and arrow. Based on the few images we have received for Crysis 3, it seems like that is the only weapon you use. Crytek is really pushing this whole bow and arrow thing hard.

The full trailer will be available on April 24. Click here for more information about the game, and look for it sometime in 2013.

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  • I don't think it could have been shorter. I still think that's some of the coolest box art I've seen in awhile.
  • Haha the trailer to announce a trailer, always a classic
  • ***, though i hope there is more weapons than just the bow and arrow
  • I'm looking forward to this! Crisis 1 was very good, the second not as great (but still good). This is looking more like the original. Hopefully the combination of urban settings and jungle will work well.

  • Wicked! I'm hyped after a 14 second trailer.
  • So basically this is future bowhunting? Even if there was only a bow and arrow, I'd probably still get the game though.
  • omg

  • Looks great. Let's hope the levels are really open-world design instead of deathmatch size like in Crysis 2.

  • A teaser of a teaser? That's cool I guess.

  • Nice!

  • I'm glad the main character traded in effective disposable weapons with tons of ammo to a slow less deadly weapon that takes up a lot of space and cannot hold that much ammo. Against an alien apocolypse filled with armored tanks and such.
  • Why couldn't Turok have been that *** with a bow?

  • This game never ceases to amaze me...

  • . . . . .
  • Hopefully it's way better then 2... the bows a good start. "The earliest potential arrow heads date from about 64,000 years ago in the South African Sibudu Cave" (Wiki). Sure he can hold some nukes with the suite but it's pretty awesome to have a weapon that's been used for... a really long time.
  • Am I the only one that thinks Crysis is becoming pretty lame and retarded? It was never good but I'll take the firsts mediocrity over this ridiculous Rambo crap.
  • I facepalmed when Crysis 2 had like 10 weapons
  • Mod

    mmm mmm mmm

  • yay..... loved #2, i think it had the best multiplayer of last year and am definitely buying this day one
  • If this sumb!tch is as good as the last one, I'm already sold on it. Besides... you can use a bow and arrow! A bow and arrow!
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