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Crimson Alliance

Crimson Alliance Has A Pricing Plan For Every Type Of Player

I've been personally excited for Crimson Alliance ever since first playing it at E3 2011. Now only a couple weeks from release, we have exclusive details on the unique pricing options Microsoft and developer Certain Affinity are offering with this Xbox Live Arcade hack-n-slash.

Crimson Alliance is a co-op-focused action-RPG that features three classes -- the sword-wielding mercenary, the magical wizard, and the stealthy assassin. If you want to be able to freely choose between these classes, you can download the regular edition of the game for 1200 Microsoft Points ($15).

However, here's where things get interesting: If you're one of those people (like me) who knows for sure that you're only going to be playing one class, you can download a single class pack for 800 Microsoft Points ($10). Individual class packs will be available to download for all three classes, and they will include full access to every level in the game and four-player co-op with friends -- you'll just personally be restricted to playing whichever class you downloaded the pack for.

Crimson Alliance producer Tom Potter explained the reasoning behind the myriad of options for paying for the game:

"We wanted to provide more options when buying Crimson Alliance. With the individual Class Packs, you experience the entire game as one class, at a lower price. So if you are the type of person that plays as a Wizard character in every game and no other, you have the option to buy just that character. On the other hand, if you want to play as all three characters, you have the All Class Pack option. Either way, you get the entire campaign and hours and hours of intense, action-RPG gameplay."

As an RPG player who almost always plays as a warrior, I think this is a pretty brilliant payment model. I can pay $15 to get access to every class or just grab the class I know I'll want to stick with anyway and save 5 bucks.

In addition to the pricing news, Certain Affinity shared a new trailer showcasing Moonshade, the Assassin character. Check it out below and see if it's enough to convince you to just get the Assassin Pack. Alternatively, for a lengthier look at Crimson Alliance, check out the 25-minute preview theater video we created.

  • i was hoping for a deal if i didn't buy all of the xbla summer of arcade games.
  • This is pretty cool and I hope companies adopt this method in the future. I will probablly just spend the extra $5 though because even though I normally stick with warriors I like to try other classes.

  • 5 less dollars to lose 2/3 of a game . . . great deal lol.
    edit:brain fart ftl
  • I'll be getting the version with all the classes, but this is something that would be cool to see more of in the future. I know my cousin always used to pick warrior characters in games, so he'd love the option to pay for that class and save a few bucks.

  • This is not a bad idea. More companies should use this.

  • This is an interesting idea.

  • Sounds like a cool idea to me! I always play the rogue characters or whoever is most agile in games so it would be nice to save a little because of that.
    It would also be interesting to see which version will sell the most.
  • I myself will be getting the 1200 point version... Ive been eyeballin this game and I would run through it with all three classes given the chance... I totally understand the cheaper prices for those who stick to one class type, but the thing is, what happens when u get bored with the one and wanna play as another class? do u have to spend the 800 points on it or would there be separate dlc for just the characters??? but like I said Im buyin the whole shpeil, but what about those who dont.....
  • Going full price on this one. I like giving all the classes a run on these types of games. The idea of purchasing a single class is also a very cool idea. Wish more game companies gave these types of options too.

  • Going to pick up the 15 dollar pack, cant go wrong with to many choices. This game looks good.

  • This looks like a lot of co-op fun, I want it!

  • What an interesting tactic. Even though I usually only play a rogue, I'll probably just plunk down the 1200 points to get the full game. It looks good enough to replay as a mage.

  • Definitely an interesting idea and a unique concept.  Don't know if I like it all too much at this point, but I could see this catching fire in a lot of other similar titles.

  • It really depends on how much it cost to unlock the other characters afterwards.
  • Why don't dungeon crawlers give you the choice to pick a gender anymore?

    I'd really much rather play as a male assassin and a female wizard/witch...

  • WOW. This is a great idea. I am surprised that no one else has thought of this before. I am still getting the 1200 points one but it's nice that the option is there

  • So if i want to play with a friend that will only be a mage, and i will only be a warrior, im going to have to pay 1600? Not really a deal if your playing co-op split screen.

    They should be 400 a piece, 400 multiplide by 3 is 1200.

    The deal wouldve been sweeter if you had purchased any 1 of the summer arcade games to get some points knocked off (instead of having to buy all the games to get this one free).
  • That's a pretty cool idea. In all honesty I'll probably only play through with one character class, but I think I'll spring for the full game for an extra $5 just in case it's really good and I want to experiment. I'd be getting this game for free if I didn't have to buy Fruit Ninja Kinect. I have nothing against Kinect, I can't see myself playing that particular game too much. It's going to be shoved in my face anyway since I preordered The Gunstringer.
  • I thought that picture was SuperMan with Cloud Sword. I was like did they just made a game of Superman with Cloud Sword I know I know sound dumb.

  • This is something I wished they did with Section 8 Prejudice, allowing people to buy the multiplayer without the campaign so more people might've bought the whole game had they felt their first impression made it worth the $10 price point.

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