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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

First Hands-On

Valve's new entry in the Counter-Strike series feels very familiar, yet looks a lot better.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will include seven classic maps that feature the traditional bomb diffusion and hostage rescue modes. I played the former for a match and was instantly reminded of how different Counter-Strike is than most of today's shooters. There's no iron sight for most weapons. Deaths come quick and you're dead until the next round. You have to buy weapons between rounds with earned cash. The last entry in the series was in 2004, so the updated graphics bring things up to par with other modern shooters.

But this isn't just an HD remake. The game will also include eight new maps with all-new modes. Unfortunately, Valve isn't talking about these yet, but the team did clue us in on a few other tweaks.

For the first time, Valve will run its own matchmaking to pair players of similar skill. Previously, players had do all of the legwork themselves. There will be two different multiplayer divisions: casual and competitive. Casual is for people just looking for fun. You can chat across teams and follow enemy players on your spectate camera after you die, and you'll always have plenty of cash to spend on guns. Competitive kills all communication between teams and is for the hardcore pros who have been playing for years.

Valve says that this new project allows it to experiment more with maps, rules, and formula than past entries. After all, players who can't stand change can always go back to the old versions. The team knows not to mess with greatness, though. It has only made cosmetic changes to the most popular maps like Dust 2, while tweaking more elements in the relatively unplayed maps to make them more appealing.

Valve plans to have a long beta period starting in October to really fine tune all of the newly incorporated aspects. Global Offensive will be available in early 2012 for PC, Mac, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. Players on every platform except Xbox 360 can all connect and battle it out online. Microsoft doesn't want Steam on Xbox Live so those players will be left out of the big party. But we're guessing that there are enough 360 players interested in Counter-Strike to keep the online community thriving for a while.

Be sure to check out the first screens and trailer here.

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  • Well, as excited as I am for the end of 2011, beginning of 2012 isn't sounding too bad...Counterstrike, Bioshock, XCOM, Final Fantasy, Mass Effect 3, Twisted Metal...its good to know that SOME companies know when to put the products out to maximize sales
  • This will be the first CS game I play...
  • Counter-Strike's gameplay is just about right and doesn't need any changes, only tweaking. The formula stayed the same since the very first game, and it shouldn't change.
  • I'm not too interested in this I think counter strike needs a bit more of an overhaul.
  • This will blow CoD and Battlefield out of the water. CS has been one of online's most popular shooters for years because it was done right the first time. Can't wait to tear it up on Office and hopefully it will include the classic version of Gun Game before Black Ops ripped off the concept. The downside for me is lack of 360 support, but oh well that's what PS3 is for
  • What is this PC vs PS3 WTF!
  • So Mac, PC, and PS3 have cross platform play? I wonder how that'll work out with the differences in platform.
  • "There's no iron sight" .... well, I'll pass
  • I'll definitely give this one a go, considering how I've never played a CS game before.

  • So it's pretty much the same game it sounds to me.
  • microsoft sucks >:C
  • Don't forget this weekend that they're having a big sale on counter strike package :o if you haven't already tried it.

  • this is super exciting. i played the hell out of cs:s. and have never been a fan of cod.

  • WAIT, WAIT, so you mean the Xbox 360 will be immune to the outrageously quick fingered and highly hacked market that is PC?

    Why is this a bad thing? :)

    *edit* I am really thinking of getting this on my 360 just to avoid playing with PC players *edit*
  • C'mon Microsoft... Your already making us pay 60 bucks a year for XBLive... Why not add steam in??
  • *** microsoft... why is it that these companies insist on pissing me off this week? first EA now microsoft. ill be playing the game on PC but i would love to play with my friends playing on xbox... idk why they dont just let steam on xbox. it would be the best thing they could possibly do at this point. oh wait i forgot steam wouldnt have kinect support so its a no go...
  • Lol @ 360. Odd man out
  • wait hold you god *** horses!!! Did you say matchmaking? MATCHMAKING!?!?!?!??!?!?!?! Unless im just an idiot and forgot what that actually means i seem to recall that it means NO DEDICATED SERVERS. Im sorry but if CS GO does not have dedicated servers then i wont be playing it. I still play CSS everyday but have the fun of CSS is exploring the thousands of mod servers with everything from tweaks to the game to entirely different games like surf and zombie. Also i play on a select few servers and if im gonna have to play CS GO like *** CoD for xbox where im just randomly assigned to a game based on my preferences it wont be the same experience. Valve you are my favorite of all game makers (or publishers or whatever they are called) PLZPLZPZLZPLZPLZ do not *** this up. again if im totally wrong about what matchmaking is plz feel free to berate me.
  • I love that us PS3 owners get to play with PC players. But PC players are going to dominate the people on console. It won't even be close. I wonder if console players will get some type of auto-aim BS that most console FPS games get these days.
  • I like it already, i have been playing Counter Strike since i was 15 years old (im now 21). Its cool that a developer like Valve can use a old engine for a new game, its amazing how powerfull the Source Engine is, i hope they do make Half-life 3 on the next-generation Source Engine build. And a nice note: If you played Counter-Strike: Source, and want to play this game on your 5-6 year old PC, you can play this new game two! That is the power of the Source Engine. XD " Hoping that Half-life 3 is Still Alive.. "
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