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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

First Screens And Trailer Promise You'll Love Killing Terrorists All Over Again

Remember how awesome Counter-Strike used to be? If Valve has its way, you'll remember again soon!

The first batch of screens and official trailer for the upcoming Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pays homage to the past of the game that was once the king of multiplayer shooters while simultaneously showcasing the major upgrades present in this game. More maps? You got it. Visual upgrades to maps you already love? Bam! New game modes and weapons? Valve and developer Hidden Path Entertainment totally have you covered.

Watch the trailer below, enjoy the screens, and watch for more impressions of Global Offensive as we move toward its planned 2012 release.

  • oh thank god for this. i have missed CS so much.

  • you write "used to be"....Counter Strike 1.6 is STILL awesome
  • I cant wait for this game!

  • I think that Saint is wrong to worry about this one.

  • wait cross platform play? does that mean ill be *** on the kids playing on xbox?
  • What is CS ? I never heard about it till recently.Is it good ?
    Edit:I know this a lil late but for those who keep saying you never heard of CS my 1st FPS was MW2 and I never heard any of my friends talk about it so yeah thats that.
    My laptop I don't exactly know the specs I have a Comnpaq mini I never changed it I run windows XP and I have a 250 GB hard drive thast all I really know about my laptop I use just to search the web.
    If this game is on PS3 like people are saying I'll just get it for PS3.
  • This is gonna be so good!

  • never played CS but ive heard good things (was late to FPS party) i am def getting this. Can you aim down iron sights in this besides the snipers. just curious.
  • I am still not sure about this. Counter_strike is great and all, but this is just looking "meh" to me. I am not seeing anything in this that I can't get in another shooter, so it's just not impressive, in my humble opinion.
  • Best FPS ever made.
  • I played waaaay too much CS in High School.

  • Valve, just when I start to doubt you, you make me believe again. Gabe Newell for President.
  • duuude, i can play with all my 360 friends

  • Do not want cross platforming if it involves pc to console. If it's just console to console then that's fine. FPSs on the pc takes WAY less skill than console.
  • Cross-platform play? So that means PS3 will be able to play against/with PC? Sounds good to me lol. Also the PS3 version will support mouse/keyboard :). So I think the playing field should be even between PS3/PC players, at least those who choose to use mouse/keyboard with the PS3 version.
  • Looks really good.

  • Love CS so this looks awesome, the only thing i dont like is cross platform play, everyone on xbox and playstation will be at a disadvantage to mouse and keyboard unless gamepad is required on pc which I hope not because I hate them.
    PS: your welcome for tip gi *cough* (it was a joke, I know other people reported it, please take the internet less seriously people)
  • This year saw the release of a new Deus Ex game, and now we're getting a new Counter Strike in 2012? It's great that old franchises are getting revivals.
  • No iron sights in source just cross hairs.
  • cross platform play sounds like a terrible idea. PC gamers will dominate the consoles. Hopefully they mean cross platform play between consoles only.
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