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Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars

Meet Torri

Conception II an RPG all about building relationships with the game's female cast. After going through a “classmating” ritual with your female classmates, you will create Star Children, which can be used to battle monsters in the game's labyrinths. The better your relationship with your female classmates, the more powerful your star children will become. 

With that in mind, Torri, highlighted in a new character introduction video, looks like a good pick to build a relationship with. Raised in a research facility and sporting a massive gatling gun, Torri is naïve about the outside world and usually believes anything she's told. Watch her in action in the trailer below.

Conception II arrives on April 15 for the 3DS and Vita, and will be getting a first-run special edition. This version comes with a special box and 10-track audio CD. Both versions will retail for $39.99.

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  • YOU FORGOT TO METION THAT THERE ARE GIANT ROBOTS IN THE GAME!!! Also, I'm so telling that girl that I'm Batman.
  • Does anyone know if there will be any major differences between the 3DS and the Vita versions?
  • It is bizarrely wonderful that the front page of the site has both this and Gone Home featured today: goes to show the diversity of what the industry offers, and the still unresolved question of "gender" and "sexuality" in gaming, and two very different ways to approach those topics, though both appear to fall short of addressing them in any meaningful way, and both are, it could be argued, a form of "magical thinking" for their respective audiences.

  • strange this game actually gets publicity, being that its essentially a "get pregnant, its fun" campaign tool. she is wearing the same scheme of clothing as the main character of Trapt.
  • I got really excited when I saw that thumbnail because I thought it was Satsuki from Kill La Kill. Somehow it managed to be even MORE creepy

  • Great to have more things to play on my Vita!!!

  • I guess I'll have lots to tell her...

  • I'm going to try and time finishing Bravely default so that I can pick this game up soon after I finish it. wish me luck.

  • Mod


    Can't wait!

  • Well this game sounds hot. And creepy. I like...

  • She's...interesting.

  • I'm still really interested in this game. Not sold, but very interested.