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Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars

An RPG About Making Magical Babies

Atlus USA is working on bringing an RPG called Conception II to North American shores. The title casts the player as the “God’s Gift.” By undergoing the “classmating” ritual with female classmates, the player will create Star Children, which are used to battle monsters in the game’s labyrinth.

Additionally, strengthening bonds with the female partners enhances their abilities in dungeons. The title sounds like a cross between Persona’s social links and Pokemon’s minion-based combat (if you actually made the pocket monsters yourself instead of capturing them).

Conception II is coming in Spring 2014, and it will be getting a first-run special edition. This version comes with a special box and 10-track audio CD. Both the 3DS and Vita versions will retail for $39.99.

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  • Wat. So the aim of the game is to impregnate underage children and abuse their children because you're making them fight?
  • Well, that all sounds gross.

  • Ew, gross
  • I'm as big a rpg fan as you can get ...buuuuut I think I'll pass on this one. (Though if the review tends to be really good I'm pretty sure I'm spineless enough to still get it)

  • I'm gonna play this so hard. Why you guys up there gotta hate? Its like dragon quest monsters but with people. Its ok to fuse monsters and make them kill eachother but not people?! HYPOCRITS! ALL OF YOU
  • Well at least they are being original, but I will pass on this.

  • Oh... oh.  I'm a little frightened.

  • A game about impregnating female classmates so that you can make children fight in a labyrinth... whilst carrying the title of "God's Gift" ? Sounds like a normal day in Highschool for me. Jokes aside, as it is called "Conception II", does that mean this is a sequel? Out of all the obscure games I have heard of, that isn't one of them...
  • lets make a baby!!!! xD

  • Uh...I think I'll pass. I have no desire to impregnate underage teenage girls. Not to mention the child abuse.
  • LOL I wanna play this game just to see how absurd it can get.

  • Atlus...what are you guys smoking?
  • Well... that's a thing. Still, I'm intrigued. I may get this if I can see some game-play. It's pretty much the same thing I did In Fire Emblem: Awakening.
  • Gotta love Japan.

  • ...weird.

  • For any of you who are making comment about impregnating girls, from what I remember reading about the first game on siliconera, you actually don't impregnate them but children are produced already teens from a kiss. nevermind looked it up and according wikipedia's info page this is how they are made," "Star Children" are produced by pouring energy from Itsuki and one of the twelve "Star Maidens" into a particular device".
  • This is crazy. Like really Japanese. It just has so many moral grey areas. I know it is like shooting people in games, it isn't really killing people but seriously this is screwed up. Children aren't just battle monsters.-.
  • Um. Why must designers bury clever and fun gameplay mechanics beneath the trappings of harems and dating sims? What's the perceived benefit there? I mean, I'd be interested in Pokémon + Persona if it wasn't also...yeah
  • I'm probably going to get this just because I want to see just how strange this gets, well that and is carries the Atlus logo and almost everything Atlus is good

  • father of the year
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