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Command & Conquer

Get A Look Behind The Scenes Of An RTS Classic

EA and Victory Games are preparing the next entry in the classic Command & Conquer series. The title, which is currently in beta, is free-to-play.

In the following two developer diaries, you'll get a feel for how Victory is capturing the feel of Command & Conquer with super weapons, generals with different sets of abilities and units, and constant balancing thanks to fan feedback.

The second video is a look at the design of a unit from inception through animation. Balancing, design, visual effects, and sound, all combine to make each unit type feel unique.

Command & Conquer is in beta now with a launch planned for later this year.

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  • Whatever happened to that Command and Conquer Bioware announced as new I.P. during a VGA?
  • Pretty big fan of RTS games like this one. I havent picked one up since Red Alert 3, but I anxiously await this. Not holding my breath, but it would be nice to have a console port somewhere along the line.

  • Whatever did happen to the Bioware one??? Or did EA pull the plug and decided to turn C&C into a Pay-to-Win game to steal more cash from its fans? And once again ruin already a great RTS Classic. I don't like this idea making it into "FTP" RTS.
  • Having played all but C&C4 and Kane's Wrath I have to say that my outlook for a F2P title in the franchise is very bleak. Guess they'll kill this like MS killed AoE...and that one was at its peak!

  • I played all the C&Cs and I don't want to see the "you need to pay this much special coins to unlock this general" sign in my game :|

  • thanks for wrecking another franchise EA.  

  • I can see it already...

    It costs $5 to play as this General. It costs $10 to unlock these units. It costs $15 to play these maps. It costs $20 to use this Super Weapon.
  • If i pay 60$ and get everything,then its ok for me!!!

  • I hope they decide to add AI, and make it as moddable as the originals... but probably not going to happen.
  • My truck is loaded!

  • this looks like its going down the path of COH online, both in start and ending.