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Command & Conquer's Closed Beta Starts This Summer

Free-to-play RTS Command & Conquer is starting its closed beta program this summer in advance of its 2013 release.

The game features dozens of generals (each with their own units, strategies, etc.) spread over the game's three factions. With that many generals, a closed beta sounds like a great idea to get all the balancing correct.

The E3 trailer below gives you a taste of a few of the leaders' personalities.

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  • This looks okay, but not all that enticing.
  • Has a split screen element? Please tell me its going to consoles as well.
  • Ugh.  I really liked the first Generals game.

    But then, I still OWN that game, as in, the discs on which it was printed.  EA took that away - why would I ever want to go back?

  • Command and Conquer Generals was probably in the top 3 for my favorite childhood video games. I welcomely await this one.

  • I've already signed up for beta. I'll guess we see how this turns out.

  • Very nice. I'm curious to see how it shapes up.

  • This will be cool, wishing for red alert though...