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Civilization V: Brave New World

Civization V: Brave New World Gets Ideological

A new trailer from Firaxis and 2K highlights the changes players can expect to the various policies, as well as the new ideology system.

In the video below, you will learn about the three ideologies your civilization can adopt upon reaching the modern age, the new wonders you can build, and the new policy trees just waiting to be explored.

For more about Civilization V: Brave New World, read our in-depth preview here and watch a video here.

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  • I like how they are making culture a lot deeper as I love going for cultural victories.I've got over 1200 hours logged on my Civ V and its just now getting a bit stale for me,but this might add a few hundred extra hours on gameplay for me. =p
  • Great! This might just revive Civ's longevity for a bit longer.

  • On the homepage the story is titled Civization instead of Civilization. Just lettin' ya know.
  • This is by far my favorite pc only game.

  • Order it is, go communism! ( Civ I mean)
  • I like how they modified the social tree, that seems more deeper. Now if they can bring in natural disasters and *** that randomly happens like that than were gold.

  • As much as I appreciate the game and its legacy, in my mind some - if not most - of the DLC should've been there from the start; not surprised you disagree with me, but allow me to have my own opinion of it.

    I almost never play Civ V in 3D 'cause I find the colourful terrain and units kind of distracting. Civilization is an electronic board game, period. It is a lot easier (more enjoyable, too) to play the game seeing the 2D board and every unit as coin-like counters.

    Paying another 20 bucks (not sure what the price will be, maybe over 30 bucks) for additional mechanics in a board game is unreasonable. You are, in fact, paying for brief 3D scenes, characters and eye candy.

    Not buying it. Already purchased the game and the Kings expansion, and this one doesn't feel like a real improvement.

    Sid Meier must be taking classes with EA.
  • That sounds like an interesting philosophy.


  • Im only 43hrs into playing Civ 5 with all the DLC. I have yet to make it to the end of the technology Tree or play community mods. Now the new DLC is coming out. I'm going to get it, but i don't think i will ever be abe to experience everything the core game has to offer. is just never ending epicness.