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Civilization V: Brave New World

Culture And Tourism Get Overhauled In Latest Expansion

Firaxis and 2K Games have put together a brief video guide on some key changes coming in the Civilization V: Brave New World expansion. Culture and tourism are an important part of the package, and the clip below explains why.

We had the chance to get hands-on time with Brave New World, and you can read all about in the June 2013 issue. Additional information is available online. Brave New World will include all of the gameplay enhancements from the first expansion, Gods & Kings. If you are interested in the new leaders and civilizations from that add-on, you'll have to buy it individually.

Civilization V's Brave New World expansion will arrive on July 9, 2013 for PC and Mac.

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  • Definite buy for me.
  • Mod
    Another game I can't play on this third-world laptop from the Banana Republic. Unfortunately, I'll just stick with Sim City 4. :(
  • Very excited. Huge fan of the Civ series. And now that I have a much better laptop I can install the expansions and actually run Civ 5 smoothly. 10/10 Will purchase!

  • Looking forward to this most definitely.

  • Looking forward to it, it's unfortunate that we have to wait until July.

  • Honest question here.

    Why does everyone seem to love Civ 5? I do own it, have played it, own most of the DLC, including G&K. No matter what I try, it always seems like my fairly low opinions are different from the general opinion on this game, and only this game. Am I playing it wrong or something?

  • I'll buy it-I loved Civ 5

  • Cant wait for this expansion,but im still waiting for the Leonard Nimoy DLC.

  • Love Civ 5. Can't wait for this to be released.

  • meh

  • Wow.  RTS's are way too in-depth for me these days.  Graphics looks great though.