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Choplifter HD

Choplifter Picked Up On A Rescue Mission From InXile Entertainment

Show of hands: Who out there remembers Choplifter? This classic arcade helicopter game has been around -- let's be honest -- longer than I've been alive and appeared in one form or another on virtually every major game console of the '80s. Now it's set to join the growing ranks of retro reboots on PSN and PC.

InXile Entertainment -- the same crew currently working on Hunted: Demon's Forge for Bethesda -- announced today that they're developing Choplifter HD for release on PlayStation Network and PC this fall. As with the original, the game will feature a mix of helicopter-to-ground combat as well as rescuing allies who are trapped on the ground.

According to the announcement, players will join a team named C.H.O.P.R., which stands for Coordinated Helicopter Operations, Preservation and Rescue. Sounds like someone back at the base was trying a bit too hard when they came up with that title. Regardless, you'll be able to pilot multiple types of helicopters across over 20 missions, which will vary from war-torn environments like in the trailer below to more straightforward rescue operations.

Check out the debut trailer and first screenshots below and stay tuned for more information as Choplifter HD inches toward its fall 2011 launch on the PlayStation 3 and PC.

  • Is this a joke? A team called C.H.O.P.R? Really? Really?
  • What? No XBLA?
  • That...could look better ._.

  • Haha,Wilhelm Scream at 0;41.

    Awesome trailer.Reminds me of a helicopter rescue flash game I played a while back.

  • I loved the classic version. Can't wait to play this updated version.

  • Awesome, I remember playing the original on the Commodore 64. I am looking forward to this remake.

  • Yeah, um... now I remember this game, or at least a game like this that would be sitting in the Arcade with no one playing it. Think I'll pass on this, in fact i'm sure i'll pass on this. C.H.O.P.R.? Seriously? If that's the kind of imaginative thinking they have over at InXile, I can only guess as to how horrible Hunted: Demon Forge is going to be.

  • Sweet!!

  • Sweet, but mostly because I'm o.l.d.  Old enough to have played this on my Apple ][+.  I'm not sure this will benefit from a 3D makeover, but it's a good premise, so hopefully it will translate into a good remake.  

  • well this is different..

  • Looks fun which is what counts.

  • Holy *** choplifter?! One of my first games for the master system... They better include the hidden superman!
  • The Sega Master System version of this and Outrun were the first games I ever played.

  • Those dudes had a license to chill.

  • Awww man, I was thinking yea this sounds gre - DOH! not for 360...
  • 15 comments and no, "Get to the C.H.O.P.R.!"  I am disappoint.

  • This looks like it could be pretty fun.

  • This is full of WIN.  I pumped so many quarters into this as a kid.  I hope it comes with a retro version of the original.  I will buy this day ONE.

  • Thank you for posting this piece of news Phil! I loved Choplifter back in the day. This will be a day one download.

    Now if only Taito would remake Tiger Heli for PSN.