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Child of Light

Yoshitaka Amano Creates Unique Artwork In Video Collaboration

Japanese artist Yoshitaka Amano is well known as the character designer for the first six Final Fantasy games and for his promotional artwork for later games in the series. Now he has collaborated with Ubisoft Montreal to create a video of him painting artwork inspired by Child of Light.

Child of Light is a reimaging of fairy tales where gamers play as the young princess Aurora. Aurora is tasked with winning the sun, moon, and stars back from the Queen of the Night. Amano is quoted in the video talking about how Aurora’s daunting task has influenced the art he made for Child of Light. 

“When a child is born she must fight against the challenges of the world she lives in. That’s what I wanted to express,” Amano said.

If you’re interested in Child of Lights’ art, you can check out a trailer showcasing its watercolor art style we posted last month. Child of light is available April 30 for Xbox One, 360, PlayStation 4, PS3, PC, and Wii U.

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  • So beautiful! I so totally knew that was Amano's work!
  • Child of Light just keeps getting better.

  • Can't wait for it at the end of the month. The art style drew me in, love the Ubi art framework.

  • Hmm...pretty cool-lookin, if a bit sinister.

    I prefer the in-game and promotional artwork, personally. A more whimsical flavor with dark undertones fits better with what I perceive to be the mood of the game. Obviously, I haven't played it yet, so it might turn out that THIS art style is representative of the mood.


  • want one. framed please. XD

  • After watching the trailer or whatever you linked in this article I don't like her face in this illustration it looks too Japanese for a European based game. Though the game itself which I just became aware of looks simply stunning, where did Ubisoft come from they weren't so hot in the PS2 era (or maybe they were), but ever since Origins they've really stepped up their game. Can't wait to hear more about this amazing game. I hope its as dark and twisted as those olde time fairy tales.

  • Was interested in this game. Now im sold.
  • Creepy and unappealing as ever Yoshi! keep up the great art!

  • Amano is a brilliant artist, one of my favourites. For anyone else who enjoys his work you really should buy The Sky: The Art of Final Fantasy. Some of the pieces in that blew my mind.

  • So beautiful. And the music for this video really sounds like Uematsu. The combination of Amano's artwork and the classic FF-esque audio gave me chills. Anyone know what the song is?

  • Ubisoft is doing everything right so far with this game. They even made Amano return to his style... because seriously, how can he put his name to a character design in the likes of Fairy Fencer F? (which is totally generic japanese template, not his unique waterbrush-evil-looking and fully-detailed designs)