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Child of Light

Child of Light Looks Amazing In New Trailer

A new "making of" trailer for Ubisoft's bewitching RPG Child of Light shows off the game's beautiful watercolor art style.

It's interesting to hear the principles on the project talk about some of the inspirations for the visuals – as well as the old-school RPGs that were the template for its gameplay.

  • This game can't come soon enough. It looks absolutely amazing. Kudos to UbiSoft for letting other developers use the Rayman engine. Looking forward to Valiant Hearts for the same reason.

  • I like the look of the game. Is April 30th still the release date?
  • I can honestly say that I will be getting this game on day one.

    I'm so happy that these types of colorful, whimsical, non-cynical games are making something of a comeback. I grew up on these kinds of colorful adventures, and I'm glad the new generation has them to.

  • Any word from Ubisoft regarding Valiant Hearts? That is the game I'm more interested in.

  • I'm with just about everyone here: I cannot wait for this game.

    Ubisoft has become one of my favorite developers, right up there with Blizzard, Valve and Bethesda. A big congrats goes to Ubi for living their dreams.

  • I'm not seeing the amazing.
  • So long as Ubi keeps pumping out these gorgeous sidescrollers, I'll keep buying them. Every one.

  • A breathe of fresh air in the gaming landscape. That's what this is. Ubisoft is on the right path.

  • Curious that it only mentions PS4 when it fact its coming to all current gen/last gen consoles

  • Must buy it day one! Just have to figure out which system to purchase it on. PS4 or Wii U? Either system should do the game justice.

  • sweet

  • The art really IS beautiful.

  • Beautiful! PS4 D1P!

  • So obviously the game looks beautiful. My only hope is that it runs as smoothly/seamlessly as they say it should in order to achieve the artistic goals they are striving for.

    Otherwise, just really happy to see 2d RPGs making a bit of a comeback. I can't think of many at the moment, but after playing South Park: The Stick of Truth, it really reminded me of how much fun you can have with a 2D, Turn-Based RPG even in this age of technological advancement. So much love to these guys for sticking to their artistic integrity and making the game they wanted to make.