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Child of Eden

Pretty Stuff Is Shot In Child Of Eden Trailer

Are you interested in pointing at your TV and gunning down a lot of beautiful scenery via Kinect? With Child of Eden, you can do such a thing, set to the melodic tracks of Rez's Tetsuya Mizuguchi. This new trailer takes you on a tour throughout some of the game's neon-colored, fantastical sights.

Child of Eden arrives June 14 for 360, and is expected to hit PS3 sometime around September

Wanna hear about our hands-on time with Child of Eden? Check it out here.

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  • This actually looks really amazing. It seems like something you'd want to just show people and be like "Look at this!" The colors are crazy good, and it just looks like fun.
  • If this is any good, may have to pick up a Kinect. Hopefully there'll be more non gimicky/minigame games kinect enabled.
  • Is this Kinect only? Or is there a controller option?
  • Looks absolutey vivid! Curious to say, how did this game get its title?
  • Awesome!!!

  • Now this is what would make me get a Kinect. Reminds me of Rez.

  • I like artsy games like this.  I wonder if it handles well on a regular controller.  I still have yet to adopt to motion controlled gameplay except for the Wii.  Waiting for a cheaper package and better games.  

  • This looks like that Geometry Wars sequel I've been waiting for.  Hopefully I don't need a kinect to play this, because after watching the video I'm very much looking forward to playing this.