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Child of Eden

Child Of Eden Blooming Into A Beautiful, Frenetic Shooter

I was fortunate enough to get my hands on a recent build of Q Entertainment's Kinect shooter, Child of Eden. My short time with the game involved pointing and shooting at a colorful assortment of beautiful but deadly enemies.

The game takes place in the mind of an AI girl named Lumi, who has been infected by a virus. Players travel into different sections of her mind to eradicate the corruption; the area I saw was beauty. The level begins above a serene body of water with peaceful-looking flowers and frilly, pastel-colored creatures. The entire experience is reminiscent of a gorgeous-looking screensaver that you point at and shoot. Eventually you travel down a dark tunnel leading to a boss fight with a gigantic pink flower blossom.

Gameplay consists of pointing at the screen to shoot. The default attack is a rapid-fire stream of energy that's great for clusters of small enemies. Clapping your heads cycles through weaponry. The next destructive tool has players aim at groups of enemies to lock on to them, then a flick of the wrist releases a spray of homing missiles. Aerobically-inclined players can even kick their leg to release the barrage of projectiles. The final move I had available was a smart bomb, which clears the screen of enemies when players lift their hands skyward. The controls felt wonderful overall. The slow drag of the reticule makes shooting from the hip not only manageable, but precise and fun.

The highlight of the demo was the aforementioned boss fight. This multi-stage battle consisted of shooting down waves of flying enemies while taking time to pelt the core of the blooming flower. Each direct hit from the machine gun-like weapon results in a satisfying, thrumming techno beat that blended perfectly with the ambient score. My favorite part was when the flower began to recoil and shield itself with its petals. At this stage you must pepper the clenching flower with rapid fire, then switch to the lock-on missiles to deliver a strong attack. 

Child of Eden promises to bring a relaxing-but-challenging shooter experience to Kinect users craving something more substantial than fake sports and dance parties. Those activities are fun too, but gunning down hordes of eye candy and working on raising your score is bound to get addictive. Keep an out for Child of Eden as the game nears its retail release this Summer.

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  • This  game looks really visually beautiful.

  • Rez was brilliant and this seems right on track to deliver another mesmerizing experience.

  • i think i want this game but i don't want to buy move for it

  • WOW! Seems they have been hard at work since we first saw

  • I'll have this the day it comes out.

  • Soooo looking forward to this. The concept fills a very specific void in my current library of games (or any other form of activity frankly).

    Come home from work a bit stressed, wanna throw on some trance tunes and just relax... but if I'm not up and actively engaged I'll probably pass out for a nap (do not want). Like eye candy, and gaming; shooting in particular. AND I want to make better use of my Kinect. A title so potentially full of win...

  • Something to look for on the Kinect.

  • I saw the trailer for this game and thought it looked cool then i saw it was for the kinect and was disappointed but now I found out I don't have to have a kinect to play so I might pick this up

  • Something to play while tripping, definitely gonna buy.

  • Any chance this will come to PS3 too?
  • I almost want to get a Kinect to play this.


  • graphics look STUNNING

  • The success of this on Kinect should (hopefully) translate to whether or not it gets a multi-platform release.

  • The success of this on Kinect should (hopefully) translate to whether or not it gets a multi-platform release.

  • it cool realy beautiful, very appealing, but is the gameplay realy that good?

    is it worth it?

  • Who need drugs when we have this?

  • Isn't this coming out for Move as well???
  • That looks like Flower on steroids. Awesome!

  • "Clapping your heads cycles through weaponry" I think this is a typo and you meant to say "hands"

    This game looks great, I can't wait to play it with the Move.

  • No... no... not Move and Kinect exclusives...

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