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Child of Eden

Glowing Child of Eden Trailer

Ubisoft has released a new trailer for Child of Eden – Q Entertainment and Tetsuya Mizoguchi's upcoming music shooter.

The game is controlled by both Kinect or a regular controller, and this new trailer showcases the Kinect version and how you move your hands to shoot onscreen objects and also simultaneously create sound at the same time.

Child of Eden comes out on June 14th for both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Read Tim's hands-on impressions of the game here.

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  • That game looks like one heck of an acid trip.
  • why isn't this on the move also
  • Could be interesting in that 'Flower, Limbo, Linger in Shadows' way.  Glad it's coming out on PSN also.  

  • Cool Imma have to pick this up, the Kinect is so awesome
  • this looks like bullcrap and so is the kinect
  • TWO THINGS: ONE: I do believe this game is going to require at least 5 Headache pills a day...and TWO: Am I the only one who asked "WHAT THE F***" When you saw the gameplay?

  • TWO THINGS: ONE: I do believe this game is going to require at least 5 Headache pills a day...and TWO: Am I the only one who asked "WHAT THE F***" When you saw the gameplay?
  • People playing Kinect never look cool...
  • This game looks like the weird dream that you actually remember. Yet it looks like playing it'll be a nightmare :)

  • This game has one MAJOR FLAW, it's on Kinect.

  • Why aren't they putting this on the Wii its seems like a given to me.
    Is it just me or are the pictures for comments out of place?
  • I don't understand how this game could have a story.

  • No WONDER people are raving about this game, it IS a rave! In your house! Kinect compatibility too? Somebody hand me some glow sticks, STAT.

  • i'm glad this is coming out, maybe it'll be a strike out for the Kinect. Then were one step closer to getting all the focus back to good ol fashion controllers.

  • I saw this game at PAX East, and it looked beautiful. If I had a 360, I think this would push me to buying a Kinect.

  • It's funny how many people are raging against this like it's a Kinect exclusive. Sure, the video only shows it being played with the Kinect but if you utilize your basic reading skills, you will see that it can also be played with a regular controller. I believe you can use it with Move as well. I'll be playing it with my regular Xbox controller and I'm extremely excited to be getting another psychedelic shooter from the same minds that created Rez because that was an incredible game.

  • people who say kinect is trash are so *** dumb, move and wii have nothing on it, you can use your ENTIRE body to play a game. Now I know some of you lazy people are like "but moving at all sucks!" well then dont buy ANY sensor peripheral game, they are not taking over normal console gaming stupid, its just more options. With the wii and move for example, play a dance game, all you need is hand movement, which makes it very easy to cheat through the game, but with kinect, you must use EVERYTHING. Kinect is the master of sensor games, hands down.

  • Yes, interesting, but honestly, whats the point of playing this with ones hands besides the simple fact that we can??  Seems like this will be focused on Star Fox-esque shooting of enemies on a slight need for Kinect I say, but I'm open to be proven wrong and find enjoyment :)  Good luck Ubi's

  • I loved Rez, it was a lot of fun. If all goes well with this game then I'll finally have a reason to dust off my Kinect (what a terrible investment T_T).

  • Behold: the future of gaming.

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