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Castlevania: Harmony of Despair

Castlevania: Harmony of Despair Finally Coming to PlayStation Network, Adds Local Co-op

We caught wind of this news just before E3, but Konami just made it official. Castlevania: Harmony of Despair will be in PlayStation 3s this summer with some extras..

While Konami doesn't have any specifics on the exact release date, the game will also include The Pyramid of Ruin and characters Julius Belmont and Yoko Belnades as bonuses. These items all cost extra in the the Xbox Live Arcade version (which released in August last year).

Most exciting for me is the addition of 4-player local co-op play. As much fun as it is to join up with your buddies online, there have been plenty of times I've wanted to team up on my couch, but it hasn't been possible on the Xbox version.

Maybe Konami will hook Xbox players up with some kind of bonus when this releases, but I wouldn't hold your breath.

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  • I always meant to pick this up on the Live Arcade, but other purchases kept demanding my points. Might be time to look into it?
  • i use to envy 360 because of this at the time exclusive,well not anymore.finally on my ps3 it will me mine,mine!!!

  • I played a little of this at a friends house. He was all into it, but I felt lost and overwhelmed by the tutorial menus, which do an awful job of explaining things. Unless you have played the original game your respective character comes from already, it's unlikely you will have any idea how to use them. I'm supposed to do what to learn a new spell? How would I have ever known that?

    Factor in the large amount of DLC and it's hefty cost, and you get a game that's incredibly intimating to new players. On the other hand my friend loves this game, so it's definitely worth trying the demo to see if you'll be one of the smitten. Good luck ps3'ers.

  • Xbox 360 may get it first, but when we get it we get bonuses along with it!! A good example is like Mass Effect 2 :D
  • Finally! It's about time! I'm really glad they added local so my wife and I can play together.

  • LOCAL CO-OP YESSSSSSS!!!!!! I might have to get this now

  • I HAVE to get this. It's nostalgia at its best!

  • I really don't like this whole thing developers are doing when they port games typically to the Ps3 some time afterwards. So this means the people who jumped in on the game early (for those of us who are multiplatform owners) are being screwed over when the game releases sometime afterward on the other system with some bonuses. Way to raise the middle finger at your original audience there.
  • Sweet, never picked it up on the arcade....sounds like a good time to grab the ps3 version then

  • This *REALLY* needs to be patched in for the 360 version. I mean, come on; we were the ones who supported the project and it's insanely-priced DLC. I'm not gonna drop about $30-40 on a game I already own *just* for splitscreen, but I would most definitely make use of it if made available.

    For the love of GOD, though; give us a proper Simon Belmont, complete with a sprite-list based on his Portrait of Ruin sprite (which is based on his "Barbarian" appearance, versus the Gothic-Redhead crap). Or, perhaps even better, designing a set of sprites commemorating Gabriel Belmont?

  • About time they added a Belmont. But I have to say I was hoping for Richter, he had a lot of really good moves in SOTN and he was much faster than Julius as well. Doesn't matter though, I'll still grab this on PSN.

  • is the gameplay like harmony of dissonance. if so, i want it.

  • This is excellent. Ever since I traded in my 360 for a ps3, the 5 games I knew I would miss were fable, mass effect, gears, limbo, and now this. Now we got 3 out of 5 over to ps3. Im a happy camper :)

  • Not a game for me :(

  • Surely they're going to patch in local co-op on the 360, right?...

    Because if not...imad.

  • This is wonderful news.

  • This just skyrocketed to the top of must get download titles. Thanks Konami, always appreciate some extras when your late to the party.

  • I was so disappointed by this game.

  • Lovin' the 16 Bit 2D gameplay, just love it!  <3

  • I want to know what happened to Julius in 1999 more than to play this game