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Castle of Illusion

Mickey Has Some Exploring To Do

New screens from Sega show that there's a lot to look forward to for the Castle of Illusion remake.

While not a lot of information has come in since the initial announcement , the wait should not be too much longer.

The Sega Genesis classic will be making its way to XBLA, PSN, and PC later this summer.

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  • looks awesome,loved this game on genesis

  • I didn't realize that this had 3D gameplay. I thought they were basically just doing a copy/paste of the old 2D gameplay with shiny new graphics.
  • Don't know why, but I'm getting a weird Super Mario 64 vibe. Might be that screenshot of Mickey standing at the castle steps. Yeah, that's definitely it.
  • This is starting to look more like a sequel or reboot than a remake. That;s not a bad thing at all

  • If this game is just half as good as I remember the original being than I'm definitely looking forward to its summer release.

  • the best 8-bit mickey game had to be mickey mania.

  • That's one sweet looking remake. Another example to companies (*cough*, Square Enix, *cough*) that getting off your lazy butt and rebuilding a game from the ground-up is worth it. This is generally looking like a whole new game, and that's fantastic. This my yet redeem poor Mickey after those lamo not-so Epic Micky games.

  • Already, this is better than either Epic Mickey game.
  • Ohhh man.  I was bored at work yesterday and I randomly thought to myself, "Man... Castle of Illusion was fun... wish I could play it again."

    And then this today!

  • I've never seen the first one but I wish they would've put up comparison shots.

  • So many disney remakes recently, I love this.