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Call of Duty: Strike Team

Activision Brings Its Annual Franchise To iOS

If you can't wait until November 5 for your next new Call of Duty fix, there's a new option… if you don't mind playing a mobile game. Call of Duty: Strike Team is out today for iPhones and iPads.

The story takes place in 2020, with the United States under attack from unknown assailants. While the story doesn't connect to the upcoming Call of Duty: Ghosts, Strike Team does take place in the same world.  It offers a mix of third-person tactical planning and first-person shooting. The title comes out of The Blast Furnace, Activision's speciality mobile and portable studio made of up staff members from Rockstar. The team boasts credits including the portable Grand Theft Auto titles (including Chinatown Wars), Max Payne 3, and Manhunt 2.

Players will control a customizable squad through campaign and survival modes.  The Blast Furnace worked to incorporate the new mechanics in such a way that Strike Team still retains the Call of Duty feel.

The design offers both third- and first-person play, and choosing between them is up to the player. "It was a tricky job combining the first- and third-person views, because it hasn't been done a lot of times," says studio head Mark Washbrook. "It's a hard thing to blend, so we spent a lot of time blending those two styles of gameplay. Still even now there's a heated debate within the team whether it's best to play third-person or first-person." Strike Team is set up so players can move their squads and easily slip into first-person move, take a shot, and return to tactical view. 

Controls for third-person view involve tapping and dragging to move the squad. Tapping on an enemy causes your team to open fire, and double-tapping instructs squadmates to line up a headshot. The AI has your team take cover and return fire if they're seen. Customization includes four different weapon types (sniper rifles, submachine guns, shotguns, and assault rifles) with four different choices in each category, support gear, armor and perks. Options are unlocked through in-game currency earned from progressing, but can also be purchased with real money.

The first-person view involves virtual analog sticks, but also has a streamlined approach. "We know you're at a slight disadvantage when playing a first person shooter on glass," says lead designer John Dennis.  "If you are taking fire from an enemy, there is an arrow on the left or right side of the screen, you can tap on that and it will take you to that enemy. It feels so natural that it's a surprise that no one has done it before." There is also a gyroscopic option.

The 18-wave survival mode exclusively uses first-person controls, while the campaign offers the blend of third- and first-person. You can download Call of Duty: Strike Team here.

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  • Call of Duty: Money Grab
  • I'm curious to see how it is. But I don't want to pay for it.

  • This actually sounds pretty neat. But I have a Droid so bleh...
  • Looks cool, this will probably come to Android someday, similar to Black Ops Zombies.
  • Well, that came out of nowhere. Although I don't have a tablet, I think I might check this out on my iPhone. If this is basically the tactical side missions in Black Ops 2 made better and refined, I'm all in. At least this is something different.
  • Mandatory "Call of Duty sucks" comment and I did not even read the whole news article, neither did I took a glimpse at the screenshots.
  • Okay....Activision....stop. Just stop. I did enjoy Call of Duty until it just became the same thing over and over again. Almost like ever sports game made year after year. Now this? Really whatever drugs you are taking. First, I need to have those first and then may think about playing this. It is clear have to be on that to just enjoy the level of crap this has to be. Right next to that awful Vita version.

  • Looks better than Ghosts, at least..
    Edit: Now that I look at it again, that building to the left of the tank in the tactical planning screen, kinda looks like a building from Battlefield 3. Lmao.
  • This is hilarious. MS makes a mobile Halo game and everyone loves it. Activision makes a mobile COD, and it gets killed. Very hypocritical.
  • Call'a Dewt Dewts
  • I dont think it is worth the money, unless it has multiplayer for my Iphone, then I'm definetly down.
  • I think, it would be better to come in handheld(PSVITA,3DS)
  • $6.99 + microtransactions. = NOPE

  • This kind of crap always makes me laugh..I mean I can tap a button and automatically jump to an enemy to kill them? I thought video games were supposed to take some amount of skill and have a fair amount challenge to have a fulfilling time playing it. I guess I was wrong.
  • Sounds interesting, but I think I'm the one person without a smart device.
  • I'm sorry but this was a terrible idea.

  • Sounds like cool idea and i'm always up for some more COD.If I had a smart phone this would be a definite buy.Sounds like the first half-way decent COD for mobile.

  • Just what the world needs, more CoD...

  • Activision is trying WAY too hard.....

  • Thank God. It's been so long since my last fix of COD! And a cheaper mobile spinoff with a top down view? AWESOME - that always results in a hit game.

    I mean, just look at Halo... what's it called? for Surface/Windows Phone, Killzone... something-or-other for PSP, and Ghost Recon: Shadow... Stuff(?) for 3DS are just a few of the examples of the quality, memorable experiences that result from taking big, oversaturated shooter franchises and making a cheap, portable spinoff that the world TOTALLY needs. Thank you Activision :D

    I hope it has microtransactions too!
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