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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Watch A Video Illustration Of Modern Warfare 3's New Multiplayer Modes

You probably know about Kill Confirmed and Team Defender already, but have you watched them in action? This official "behind the scenes" video has tons of gameplay and developer explanation of two new multiplayer modes in Modern Warfare 3.

One cool thing that comes toward the end of the video is an explanation of how you can tailor custom games to your liking, for instance by turning off perks or killstreaks. That'll be nice when for the weeks when all anyone is doing in public games is glitching the inevitable care package bugs.

Other than that, this sure does look like some Modern Warfare, does it not? Let us know if you're more pumped about a) playing MW3 when it comes out on November 8th, b) trolling Battlefield 3 fans about Battlelog, or c) waiting for release weekend server woes to point out how totally right you are to like Battlefield better than Call of Duty.

Otherwise, if you're one of the lucky 5 percent of Internet denizens more concerned with seeing cool games than yelling at your fellow gamers, check out the leaked map list or the narrated weapon progression video.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 comes out November 8 – a week from today! – on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. Yes, it's also coming to Wii, but if the franchise's history on that console (and Activision's reticence to show that version off) is any indication, it'll be a terrible port not worth anyone's time.

  • God, watching this is pure torture. I want to play this game so bad. I am currently working hard on my college classes so i can slack off for 1-2 weeks after Nov. 8th.
  • Wow, that last sentence was a bit harsh.

    Edit: Kill Confirmed won't work as well as IW wants it to. If people can deny kills by picking up their teammates' dog tags then we will see alot of people camping together in groups.
  • Can't freakin wait for this. BF3 is fun but theres just not enough game modes or maps.
  • It have some cool new stuff and looks cool but, am I the only one who feels that apart from that... is just the same thing again?
  • God, Kill Confirmed looks frustrating.
  • What you guys have against the Wii? THe Wii CoD are great, and some of the best players are in the Wii. CoD BO sold very well for the Wii without any advertising (There are around 400k registered players). And I think we, Wii players have the right to have a CoD. And I will call GI staff noobs because they judge a game for it graphics, A PRO GAMER WILL JUDGE A GAME FOR GAMEPLAY NOT GRAPHICS.
  • [SIGH] I need $60 bucks....

    I would also like that blonde haired guy to put some sunglasses on... his squinty eyes are so annoying.
  • Team Defender looks like it could result in a lot of camping. Still can't wait for the game though!
  • I wonder which series Adam supports...
  • SAME FREAKING GAME!!! Why do people keep buying this game and continue buying the DLC packs as well! Even their "new" modes are just offshoots of the exact same game
  • *sigh* When staff is goading the flamers in the body of a news article... something is wrong. Not even going to respond directly to the things said.

    On topic of the game, the GIO FragFest group is continuing the crammed schedule of events with a pair of MW3-centric ones next week - one for the midnight release and another on the Saturday following release, check it at the link below.
  • There is a reason that COD is the premier FPS multiplayer experience, despite the editors bias towards BF3 and their obvious pandering of it.
  • I'm excited for MW3. Verticality Is something that game truly lacks, and rarely has. You can see one of the best maps, Crash, as a sign of how amazing having that trait is in a map. I'm happy to hear they aren't focusing on hot spots what so ever.

    But only time will tell how diverse the new point streak system, new traits of the maps with verticality, new Spec Ops survival mode, and the new elite system will work for this game.


    Ah, instead of saying enhanced verticality, they stripped it of it. I couldn't tell from the terrible audio. That's interesting, seeing as while they say "strip" they show a series of vertical maps. My bad.

    -1 for reidloS doG for hearing.

    2nd *edit*

    Ok, I'm going to be honest here.

    I was listening to this at my university. No head phones. Just my laptop speakers. Which are crap. Along with the fact that this video player is crap, I couldn't really hear what it said. I trusted that Whitefire could hear what I was saying better than me.

    I'm listening in at 2:35, and I'm hearing 'kept verticality.' Could it be different? IDK. The video is showing a lot of verticality.

    I know no one cares, but sorry for the confusion.
  • why do ugly people make good games.
  • Luckily I'm part of the 5%, should I make a sign and take a picture of myself with said sign and post it on the internet? That said, neither game really has me interested, I'd get BF3 if I didn't have to deal with the origin browser junk...
  • weak sauce
  • looks really cool! And to get around the bugs in multiplayer for the first week, i always play campaign and spec ops/zombies!

  • Super excited for this.
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  • Will they have a kill confirmed harcore? I love harcore but they seem to short us on game variants.
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