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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Maps Leak

Peruse the layout of the 16 new hunting grounds where millions of players will set up camp come November 8.

We're not sure whether this leak came from a pirated copy of the game or a sneaky journalist who captured the shots during a review event, but either way now hardcore COD players can plot their ideal sniping spots, mark natural chokepoints, and chart safe navigation paths to minimize the threat of being shot in the back.

It's tough to say from these overviews whether the maps are bigger or smaller than those featured in previous Call of Duty games, but we'll find out soon enough.

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  • Makes the wait more unbearable.

    EDIT: I didn't mean to spark this big debate. In the end, I'm excited for the game. I don't expect some dramatic change to the game, however there are so many awesome things (Survival Mode in particular) that make this even more exciting. Not sure why so many people think saying how they think this game will suck will make anyone change their mind.
  • firsties. Im so F@ckin awesome.

    oh, wait....
  • OMG I cannot wait for this game to come out. The "Honeymoon Phase" for BF3 is already over for me. This game looks awesome and i cannot wait to play it!
  • Now i can plot my hiding spots....
  • Their so small... whatever happened to CoD3's map sizes for that game series? Boo
  • I wanna play this soo bad...

  • 1. On the Seatown overview, there is German above it.

    2. These maps look small, even for COD, but it's hard to tell. Maybe I'm just used to Battlefield 3 since I've been playing that recently.

    3. Every single one is urban. I kinda want something with some trees or fields like Wasteland or Derail, so there is some variety.

    Edit: Just pointing out that I'm not a fanboy, and I'm also looking forward to this game.
  • I hope "Mission" isn't what I think it is, in which case they're just asking for controversy. Anyway, it's hard to say much about these without screens/video.
  • Its... So.... Beautiful.

  • Thanks annoyingly good hacker-dudes. Now I may live the next nine days in utter silence due to my anticipation of this game.  

  • Its hard to tell but those maps seem small :(

  • It's funny, from this perspective, they all look about the same. I'm sure each will have their own feel though, when you play it. Anyone else think that Activision's to blame for all these leaks?
  • they all look the same size with a couple looking very similar in layout

  • man I have to get it!

  • ready for this game to come out too bad I dont have xboxlive. thinking bout gettin it though
  • I don't see why people keep saying they all look the same size. Fallen, Downturn, Underground, Outpost, and Interchange all look mush larger than the pother maps. It's hard to tell but if you look at the size of the yellow arrow for the player, it looks much smaller on those maps which leads me to believe, the maps are overall, bigger.
  • Woo........? Nothing special. Just the standard size CoD maps with the usual camping spots for the campers. This game's release will only do one thing for me, screw up Xbox live like they seem to do every year to where it disconnects and has any number of issues from all the people on it. I can't wait for 3 days after CoD cause Skyrim is out and I wanna see how many people are already returning this game lol. Just saying MW2 was alright, Blops sucked. See no reason why people are hyped about this game.....
  • I wish they could come up with less boring map names.
  • "set up camp" you got that *** right. Noob campers ruin the fun.
  • I am disappoint.
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