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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

See Modern Warfare 3's Survival Mode In Action

A few months back, we brought you details on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3's wave-based challenge, called survival mode. At the time, we highlighted our thoughts on how it plays, as well as our thoughts on some of the unlockable upgrades. If you'd like to see it in motion for yourself, Activision and Infinity Ward have a released a new trailer showing off just that.

The clip shows the same Dome level we wrote about in June. As you can see from the trailer, it's significantly different in tone and pacing from the series' now-standard zombie modes. The enemies are faster and smarter, and they play with a precision that online veterans are more accustomed to. Things ramp up quite quickly, so don't expect much breathing room once you hit start.

Look for the game when it ships November 8, 2011.

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  • first and cod sucks
  • Wonder how long it'll take before all the Battlefield trolls show up
  • then again, i might not give up on cod......
  • Looks fun. Zombies and now survival are my favorite parts about Call of Duty :)
  • Anybody notice the Juggernaut kill/point streak at the end? That would be amazing if you could call in a Juggernaut to destroy the other team!
  • As much as I do hate the COD franchise, that looks AWESOME. Seriously. Did anyone else notice the gun sounds upgraded? They actually sound pretty good now. The only thing im skeptical on is the recoil still looks non existence, which is my biggest problem with COD.
  • Definitely will be checking this out when my brother comes home christmas time, he's buying both MW2 and BF3 so yay for not missing out!

    Also thank god Infinityward's guns aren't all a bunch of pea shooters with no recoil.
  • I like the overall aesthetic of the survivor mode better than zombie mode. It fits with the games better, in my opinion.

    Also, did anyone else notice the "Rampage" bar in the lower left corner? What is that?
  • It would be better if they allowed up to 4 players and made maps specifically for survival instead of just using the multiplayer maps.
  • Rank progression?! I am suddenly very excited for this mode, looks to differentiate itself (love the dogs with C-4 strapped onto them).
  • CoD
  • This looks pretty engaging if you ask me. *Sigh* Call of Duty always sucks me back in every year. I buy it and it's always that love/hate relationship.
  • HEY GAMEINFORMER: I would like to let you know that there are currently two articles containing this content. The one at the top of the home page links to here, while the one in the news feed links to an identical page with the same content but different comments. Just thought you should be aware.
  • Never been a COD fan, but this might change my mind.

  • Great, now i'm buying Cod and Battlefield. Looks like i'm going to be broke this fall.


    *edit* The last clip is MP mode, meaning a Juggernaut kill-streak will be in MP at 14 kills. It also shows a new weapon that I have no f****** idea what it is. The new equipment looks sick. I'm very excited for this game.

    *edit* M60 confirmed for Spec Ops mode. THANK GOD!!! We couldn't have it in zombies, but we can have it here. Finally.
  • Graphics haven't changed at all.
  • In the end Battlefield will win due to pure quality. Why, because MW3 is just a copy and paste of MW2 with same graphics and gameplay. The only new things are a few guns, new maps and environments, and a new story with the same old patterns. GO BATTLEFIELD!!!
  • OH WOW!! the graphics they are amazing!! it looks so fresh & updated!!(SARCASM)
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