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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Modern Warfare 3's Survival Mode Spices Up Spec Ops

In 2011, a shooter with a horde mode is about as common as cars in a racing game. Modern Warfare 3 isn't the first to introduce a wave-based mode thanks to Treyarch's zombie modes, but it marks the first time they've appeared in the Modern Warfare universe. Each and every multiplayer map supports survival play, and it'll be accessed via the Spec Ops menu.

I played on a map called Dome, which included a subterranean bunker and plenty of angry enemies. Things started easy enough, and I was able to take out the first few waves with nothing more than a pistol and plenty of stabbing. As I played, I earned cash that allowed me to purchase ammo, guns, equipment, and air support from various armories scattered about the map.

You can purchase new guns and upgrades to your existing ones, but you can also call in help from the sky. I called in a Delta squad who promptly rappelled down from a helicopter and joined my fight. You can also bring in riot guards and air strikes once you've got the cash. My personal favorite from my time with the mode was the autoturret that did a great job of defending my turf from the invading forces.

Enemies are of the standard variety early on, but things get crazier as you advance through the waves. I eventually encountered dogs and boss fights, including juggernauts and helicopters. Later, suicide bombers appeared with C4 strapped to their backs. Once shot, a red light starts flashing that indicates you need to get away if you don't want to explode along with your enemy. Later, I even saw suicidal C4 dogs join the fray.

Waves aren't limited, so you can keep fighting as long as you can survive. Challenges will appear during every wave, which will reward you for getting killstreaks or performing other tasks.

I wasn't a huge fan of the zombie modes in previous games thanks to the lumbering nature of the enemies, but I was pleasantly surprised by this mode in Modern Warfare 3. Considering you're up against enemies that are smarter and much faster, the action is more engaging and intense. Many gamers are skeptical about how Modern Warfare 3 will turn out, but my time with Spec Ops has me optimistic about this particular portion of the title.

  • Sweet....I'll definitely pick this up for the wife and I.
  • the demo pushed me away from wanting to buy it.

  • Cool beans

  • Sounds better than I thought it would be but I'm still leaning heavily towards another shooter *coughBattlefield3cough* to buy instead of being pressured by friends purchasing decisions to get another Call of Duty.
  • I definitely think this one is rushed just to finish the series. They prob see how amazing BF3 is looking and that will make IW really focus on getting a new engine for the next one to make it huge, just what I think though. Will still pick this up and BF3.
  • I really love all the horde-esque game types that people are coming out with now. I find the gameplay to be extrememly fun, even if the concept is run into the ground alittle.
  • after seein the way im buying this

  • Interesting at the moment.

  • Nice

  • How come people dont like zombies? Zombies is amazing, and will always be better then Spec Ops or any other horde like game mode.
  • Sounds cool, but can it deliver?

  • After seeing the trailers for Battlefield... If I were Activision I'd be nervous.
  • This looks really fun and it's just the thing MW3 needs.

  • this game is gonna kill

  • That mode sounds good! Maybe the fact that the people developing it have changed is not bad? Anyhow, I didn't want to, but I may be forced to buy both this and B3, both look fantastic
  • Nope. I'll stick to Firefight. That *** is really addicting.

  • Hmmmm should i get this or Battlefield 3? Decisions decisions
  • Wait, a CoD game with a horde mode? It's gonna be the game of the year! Oh, and all those new maps that totally couldn't have been DLC for MW2, oh how fun. That was sarcasm, don't take it seriously, I'm not a troll, please don't hate on me, thank you for your time.
  • game looks nothing special. Its just gonna be another recycled mainstream military FPS
  • Sounds..promising...for now.Still I would be nervous if I worked At IW. Battlefield looks like a suicide bomber and a rabid dog aimed at MW3.

    Off topic.........HALO 4 WILL BEAT THEM ALL!!!!.
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