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Call of Duty: Ghosts

Call Of Duty: Ghosts' Dog Named, Other Details Mentioned

Activision's pre-E3 special revealed new details on the game, including more on your canine companion.

The demo started off with the Into the Deep underwater level running on next-gen hardware, some of the footage of which we've seen before. You and another swimmer take on some guards and pilot an underwater missile into an enemy vessel before encountering hostile swimmers. The level seems to occur in the waters around South America/Antarctica, and there are numerous levels in the map that take place on or around the continent.

Ghosts starts out with a cataclysmic event that takes out the U.S. government and hits several targets within our nation. As the game's name implies, you're relatively on your own in the aftermath; without the backup, superior force, and tech advantage that you might otherwise enjoy if you were working alongside a full-fledged force.

One of your companions will be your brother, but more importantly, you'll also have your combat dog – named Riley – by your side. Another level in the demo appeared to take place in California (complete with earthquakes), and here Riley was controlled to great effect. Players will see what he sees via an attached camera, and in the demo it appeared that you get full control of him. He can take out enemies stealthily, as well as flush out larger groups so you can pick them off. Riley and his attached camera can also be used to recon areas, and his bark to distract patrols.

For more on the game, take a look at some of the tech driving the next-gen versions of the title.

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  • Riley? You mean Ghost from MW2's real name? Good job being subtle there, Infinity Ward.
  • So it's "Dead to Rights: Retribution" for next gen?

  • i wonder why they named the dog riley

  • It is a dog, who cares? People have been able to put dogs in games for years so I don't see why we need 451586451565184685 posts about one being in Call of Duty.
  • So how long before we start hearing about how this is the "best CoD game ever made" begins?
  • I still think the dogs name should be Follow.

  • I guess if its stealthy I'll take a look at it. But i probably won't buy it, I'm pretty tired of FPS

  • This game has peaked my interest which says something. The last one I bought was MW 2 and I have long since traded it in. Glad to see that they are being a little innovative with this new game. P.S.Fingers are crossed that the dog doesn't die.
  • Whoa! It has an underwater level! They NEVER have those in the other Call of Duties. -_-
  • They named the Dog?! GASPS! My life is complete!

  • this is retarded if this is their version of next gen CoD is done. graphically it looked like CoD i mean come on. It looks just like BO2. lame

  • I might pass up on this game, or wait for a review (not that a COD has ever got a bad score :P). I just want to see how much they'll change, because while the campaign and MP has always been a blast, I've also been playing less and less as the sequels go by.


  • It will be totally unpredictable when the dog gets shot and dies. Reviewers will pass it off as a truly emotional experience. 9/10 Dan Rickert would have given a 9.5 if he could shoot the dog in the groin.

  • Sounds typical and boring...

  • Spoiler: One of the playable characters as well as the intended fan favorite supporting character will die "unexpectedly" in the 3rd act.

  • This game sounds truly innovative. I would love to be able to command animals to do all my fighting for me. Who knows, maybe Battlefield 4 may have an eagle that acts as a drone that can shoot missiles on generic Russian or Middle Eastern enemies.

    Count me as another mindless consumer, I pre-ordered already. Can't wait to get online and scream in my mic as loud as humanly possible in the lobbies.

  • *** yeaaah!!! The dog name has been revealed, now I cannot stop caring about him!

  • I was 90% sure it was going to be Jim