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Call of Duty: Ghosts

Into The World Of Call Of Duty: Ghosts

Activision has been very generous so far in divulging information about Call of Duty: Ghosts, and in that spirit the company has released this video showing off some of the tech features that will make the game look great.

The trailer below is running in real-time, and shows some of the tricks of the trade being used by Ghosts' next-generation engine to improve everything from your in-game scope to the environment around you.

Be sure to also check out what Activision showed off for the game at its pre-E3 special, including more details on your canine companion in the game.

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  • If this looks next-gen then I am the president of candy land.
  • Wow. That was awesome to watch.
  • Am I the only one that think the graphics aren't bad? The lighting looks fantastic IMO.
  • Hmm...I'm still not very impressed by how the graphics look on this game
  • current-gen frostbite is way better than this. i never believed that they could achieve a cutting edge next-gen engine while producing games in every two years and this proves that. increased polygon count means nothing if you don't provide the quality lighting.

  • The crosshair was really annoying, but the game looked good.

  • The sub-D thing is neat! I have been wondering for a while what it would take to get wheels to be round and not the octagons they are in most games.
  • I've noticed some games struggle with changing lighting when entering or looking at certain places. That part where the camera adjusted to the bright light after turning away from the rock wall was definitely impressive.

    While Ghosts isn't the best in the graphics department, everyone has to admit that it's a significant improvement over the last engine.

  • "Notice how the scope is completely round" Mind blowing!
  • Everything in that video has been done in video games for years now. This is only an improvement over the incredibly outdated engine used for previous COD games.

  • Meh

  • They have obviously improved since black ops 2 but there are still better looking games yes.

  • I'm gonna apologize now for everything I've said before. This is actually quite impressive. I understand that there are more powerful engines out there, but this is really great for COD. Even with these graphics, their frame rate is still as smooth as ever. I think it looks pretty good!
  • What goes into making games is spectacular and mostly good talent,time and good educational training it's a big leap to where we were in yesterdays games

  • People will never be happy activison youve got an army of hecklers out there!

  • Looks like the same ol' stuff to me.

  • This is great stuff, but most of the textures still look like they are 512x512 resolution which kills the realism when you get up close to something, so whats the point?

  • Most likely wont look like this while your actually playing

  • I just want to see gameplay and what they're doing with multiplayer. I preffer Treyarch to Infinity Ward any day. The new engine looks nice but it just goes to show how this gen will not be a giant leap in graphics. The lighting is mainly where the difference is.
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