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Call of Duty: Ghosts

Call Of Duty: Ghosts' Dog Named, Other Details Mentioned

Activision's pre-E3 special revealed new details on the game, including more on your canine companion.

The demo started off with the Into the Deep underwater level running on next-gen hardware, some of the footage of which we've seen before. You and another swimmer take on some guards and pilot an underwater missile into an enemy vessel before encountering hostile swimmers. The level seems to occur in the waters around South America/Antarctica, and there are numerous levels in the map that take place on or around the continent.

Ghosts starts out with a cataclysmic event that takes out the U.S. government and hits several targets within our nation. As the game's name implies, you're relatively on your own in the aftermath; without the backup, superior force, and tech advantage that you might otherwise enjoy if you were working alongside a full-fledged force.

One of your companions will be your brother, but more importantly, you'll also have your combat dog – named Riley – by your side. Another level in the demo appeared to take place in California (complete with earthquakes), and here Riley was controlled to great effect. Players will see what he sees via an attached camera, and in the demo it appeared that you get full control of him. He can take out enemies stealthily, as well as flush out larger groups so you can pick them off. Riley and his attached camera can also be used to recon areas, and his bark to distract patrols.

For more on the game, take a look at some of the tech driving the next-gen versions of the title.

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  • I saw a lot of follow this guy here or there which is disappointing. With this new engine I was hoping they would open the game world up a bit but I just dont see it.
  • Well, I got the first two letters of our furry friend's name right. R-I. I really thought they'd named him/her after Ringo Starr though... :p

  • Staff
    Good dog, Riley!!!
  • I wanted to at least see a glimpse of multiplayer....they know thats the only thing ppl care about. Disappointing. Same ol run, shoot, cut scene, repeat 100x

    P.S. KNACK for PS4 looks better than this game
  • We get full control of him huh? Is he a direwolf?
  • Mod
    The video quality was amazing, the visuals were scenery porn.The low-lit fog effects, and the highly-detailed view of a small south American city were dazzling. I won't lie about that. Yet, I didn't see many new mechanics or pretty much anything new to get me interested in this future installment.
    The only new addition I really spotted was the dog, Riley, that you can control. But even his events felt underwhelming to watch. Another part that frustrated me was the underwater sequence. You can't shoot a gun underwater, it's impossible. For some reason, this part really annoyed me more than the rest.
    I don't know, I'm not that into this game. A beautiful looking game isn't the same as a good game. I just hope that the developers at Infinity Ward knows that.

    Edit: I guess that you can shoot some guns underwater. I learned something today.
  • Riley is a cute name for a girl as my Fallout characters can attest. It's even cuter for a bomb dog:) Ghosts looks sweet. Too bad Machinima live app on Xbox blew up today and is now offline due to this reveal event. Grrrrr. Now I have to read delayed news. Hohum
  • Was kind of a lame preview, to be honest, but I can't wait! (That's right everybody, you read correctly; I'm EXCITED for a Call of Duty. Wut wut.)
  • "No on saw COD: Ghost coming" lol I thought this game was rumoured since MW2. This game doesnt look bad, but they should not treat it as some sort of new innovation that no other game has ever done before.
  • where the hell is july cover??!!!

  • I will admit, without shame, that I read this just to find out the dog's name.
  • the Dog could talk with Nicolas Cage's voice and make constant references to internet memes for all I care; I'm not getting this game.
  • "This is actually running on next gen" This entire stream was comedy gold.
  • OMG this game has a dog!? I hated the last 2 Call of Duty's but now I have to preorder this! WOW!

  • I can't say I'm interested in the series, but I do love the score they had for the event.

  • wasn't blown away, but I was slightly impressed. the graphics have FINALLY received a face lift, which is nice. it actually looks pretty good. The dog (Riley) seems like a cool new mechanic instead of just a gimmick to get us to connect with the game. And it still looks like what we expect from a CoD game, for better or worse.

    Still, that underwater level was way too reminiscent of the number of sneaky, sniper missions we've been doing since the first Modern Warfare. And we didn't see anything about multiplayer.

    Still, a nice preview of what to expect from E3 starting tomorrow. That being said, if Microsoft devotes 10 minutes to this game, I'm not watching. lol.
  • all this hype about the dog when it looks like you only get to use riley in one level, lol.

    it really did seam like this game holds you hand more than the previous ones, flat out commanding the player what to do, and relinquishing most of your freedom...

    P.S. the graphics of Shadowfall blew this away IMOP.
  • Not Riley a good name for a dog. So should have been Joe Mama.
  • So it's on the Wii U now?
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