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Call of Duty: Ghosts

Call Of Duty: Ghosts' Dog Named, Other Details Mentioned

Activision's pre-E3 special revealed new details on the game, including more on your canine companion.

The demo started off with the Into the Deep underwater level running on next-gen hardware, some of the footage of which we've seen before. You and another swimmer take on some guards and pilot an underwater missile into an enemy vessel before encountering hostile swimmers. The level seems to occur in the waters around South America/Antarctica, and there are numerous levels in the map that take place on or around the continent.

Ghosts starts out with a cataclysmic event that takes out the U.S. government and hits several targets within our nation. As the game's name implies, you're relatively on your own in the aftermath; without the backup, superior force, and tech advantage that you might otherwise enjoy if you were working alongside a full-fledged force.

One of your companions will be your brother, but more importantly, you'll also have your combat dog – named Riley – by your side. Another level in the demo appeared to take place in California (complete with earthquakes), and here Riley was controlled to great effect. Players will see what he sees via an attached camera, and in the demo it appeared that you get full control of him. He can take out enemies stealthily, as well as flush out larger groups so you can pick them off. Riley and his attached camera can also be used to recon areas, and his bark to distract patrols.

For more on the game, take a look at some of the tech driving the next-gen versions of the title.

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  • Not too bad.

  • So when they say next gen, are they including the Wii U in that or just PS4 and Xbox One. While more powerful than the 360 and ps3 and technically considered next gen, the Wii U is going to eventually (if it hasn't already) fall behind the ps4 and Xbox one. Will upcoming next gen games be equal on all three or will the Wii U end up getting ports/watered down versions.
  • came for the dog´s name.
  • I swear, if the dog dies in that game, I will sue Activision.

  • As much as I like dogs, that alone isn't enough to bring me back to a franchise that's been doing the same "kill enemies in an area" gig since its inception. I stopped following it since Black Ops, and I haven't missed it at all since.

    I would start listening if they ran with the open-world and choice aspects that made Black Ops II look interesting, though.

  • I think it's hilarious we are more interested in the fake dog than the game.
  • No matter what they do to the series, the Call of Duty fanbase will continue to buy the games. I still love the Multiplayer and while Call of Duty hasn't necessarily made me feel as emotionally attached to their campaigns as games like Bioshock Infinite, I still enjoy playing the campaigns of the Call of Duty games. I'm definitely going to be buying this installment in the series and I'm looking forward to it

  • Because Ghost's real name was "Simon Riley"...............epic.

  • So at what point in this game does the dog inevitably die?
  • Sad, you actually care more for the dog then you do the characters.
  • seriously? a whole *** day and this is it? i dont care if its sunday, gaming companies arent chritian. they should be in the *** center right now. saving everything for tomorrow only says theres not that much to look forward to this year. every week now im hearing or seeing some stupid flaw in the industry enough to make me wanna throw my *** out the window

  • This dog better make me f***in cry. They are advertising the hell out of it and strat to really annoy me. It's a dog, so what? Many other games have dogs in them.
  • Riley is my oldest nephews name. Great, I just got super attached to this dog. I'm going to feel the need to defend him no matter the cost.

    The cutscene where he dies? Reset to last checkpoint and quit playing for life.

  • Graphics look ok. Slightly more detailed than current gen. But not jaw to the floor impressive. The dog is cool but a gimmick which will get annoying as hell later in the game. I like the post cataclysmic environment. Could offer some interesting level Designs. But overall it's just another call of duty. Guaranteed scripted explosion moments. Still looks to be really linear. It's a renter not a buyer.
  • The dog is the best part everything is ***.
  • *blah, blah, blah, blah*

    "... you'll also have your combat dog - named Riley... "

    DONE! Found the relevant information! Going now.

  • I reckon the ending will be that you will think Riley is dead, but when the bad guy has a gun to your face he jumps out of the smoke bites his neck killing him.. The character, who mortally wounded, dies with his faithful companion... CUT 4 years later we see a older Riley wearing his medals standing by a gravestone.. A tear comes to the canine's eye.. Then he sees a mysterious balaclava clad man growls and then barks only for the mysterious man to fade away.. And then cut to credits and the logo CALL OF DUTY: GHOSTS.
  • i need to see more

  • Ill leave this here... The DLC for this already looks epic

  • Honestly, what were they thinking when they created this game, typical COD players are gung-ho players who run in only concerned about kills. Creating a campaign based on stealth is pretty redundant due to the majority of customers don't give a damn about tactics.