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Adapt To Changes In Free Fall Map

Infinity Ward has released a gameplay trailer detailing the previously announced Free Fall multiplayer map, a downloadable pre-order bonus for Call of Duty: Ghosts. The trailer shows off the map, which is set in a collapsing building that changes as the match progresses. In one part of the video, a sniper takes a vantage point behind a column, but then it falls, leaving the player vulnerable to counter-sniping.

Check out the gameplay trailer below and catch up on recent news for Call of Duty: Ghosts.

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  • Wasn't Battlefield 4 doing something like this?
  • Meanwhile BF4 has a map where you can actually be the one who destroys the skyscraper. But I'm sure being in a small two floor map will be just as fun.
  • Awwwh, they are trying to be like Battlefield. You're so cute infinity ward with your scripted destruction.
  • Meh, going to pass on CoD thos time around. MW3 and BO2 just ruined the franchise for me.  Waiting to pick up BF4 along with the PS4 on release day.

  • Uhg, the animations are so flippin' skippy. 60 frames per second definitely isn't helping them there.

    Anyway, I totally want to swim all around that public restroom.
  • collapsing skyscraper... destructible environments... hmm... this all sounds really familiar. all i gotta say is... boo
  • "insert generic battlefield did it first comment here"

  • Looks like a pretty intense map with all the changing features.

  • they could have at least changed SOME character animations. map looks kind of cool anyways... I guess... hmmmm... zzzzzzzz
  • lol Every time I read something on Ghosts all I hear is stuff on cod stealing from bf4. I wonder if the first person ever to make a video game was complaining on how everyone was copying him... lol BF4 is awesome, but stop bashing cod every single post!
  • This is definitely going to be a game changer when it comes to the COD series. Ijs! Destructive environments, Awesome!
  • Free Fall looks really good!

  • I can't wait for Tuesday!

  • whats the point of these pre order maps on call of duty if you get them when you buy the game anyway?

  • Pre-ordered Ghosts after skipping out on MW3 and Black Ops II. Seems like CoD is improving even if it's just a little bit.
  • This looks great to me, although I still would enjoy the game without it. To the people that are saying this is copying If incorporating realism in entertainment is copying, then so be it. This games will definitely be a lot more different from the previous title than Battlefield 4 is from Battlefield 3.

  • That's as close as COD will get to ripping of DICE's work...again...and again...and Infinity ward out of ideas...again...and again...and again. want real combat with the possibility of destruction happening at any moment (like how it really is *ding*), you can only get that in Battlefield 4
  • Guys, stop complaining of which game is better, everyone like different games.  BF and COD don't even have the same play style, can't compare them to each other.

  • Looking great