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Call of Duty: Ghosts

Into The World Of Call Of Duty: Ghosts

Activision has been very generous so far in divulging information about Call of Duty: Ghosts, and in that spirit the company has released this video showing off some of the tech features that will make the game look great.

The trailer below is running in real-time, and shows some of the tricks of the trade being used by Ghosts' next-generation engine to improve everything from your in-game scope to the environment around you.

Be sure to also check out what Activision showed off for the game at its pre-E3 special, including more details on your canine companion in the game.

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  • I'm sorry, but I just don't see the difference. Maybe it's just me, but it just looks like the old engine with advance lighting.
  • Not impressed. Like with the rocks next to the water, really? So they biascally said, instead of being lazy with stuff like this like we we're in the past, now, we have real looking rocks. I'll wait for black ops 3, it's the only cod i really like. Even though it's still cod.

  • New engine!? Really? Pretty sure they mean that it's still the same engine from CoD 2 with a few textures, lens flare and sub-D (all of which have been around for years)

  • Oh hey look @ that! it looks just like every other CoD. What a surprise!

    I so hope shooters die this next generation.Cmon Guitar Hero curse,kick in!

  • They didn't show their fish tech, though...
  • Hey, CoD looks almost as good as BF3 now... ;-)

  • BF3 already has all of that -_-

  • That reveal was so lackluster.

    Getting Geoff the Dorito King and iJustine up there to promote your game is more than enough for me to ignore this once again. Also I'm gonna have to agree with other people the "next gen" hardware was nothing to get excited about if the AI is just as bad as it has always been. But I shouldn't expect them to put any thing in CoD that actually challenges you and stimulates your brain.

  • Fable 3 is free to download today!

  • Am I supposed to be interested?

  • ugghhh
  • booriiinngg.

  • looks pretty good

  • Lol they are being generous because they know BF4 is being fully revealed today. And people have to stop hating, this game looks good. Clearly not as good as even BF3 or Crysis 3. But good enough. I think its pretty clear BF4 will destroy this game in graphic fidelity, and that's what Activision is afraid of. I'm not even making this up; investors specifically mentioned being worried about BF4 in the last Activision investors call. Its going to be a very interesting E3.
  • It's so cool to hear gamers finally being more concerned about gameplay over graphics. Warms my heart.

  • This game is gonna be a lag fest on my computer..

  • the graphics havent improved all that significantly because the main focus im sure is preserving the 60 frames per second.

  • Crysis looks better, way to go CoD ^_^

  • I've gotta admit, some of this tech is pretty cool. However, DICE and Bethesda beat CoD (I don't know who's making this one, I can't keep up anymore) by 2 whole years. DICE gave BF3 those lighting effects and Bethesda gave Skyrim textures like that.