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Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons

Go Behind The Scenes In New Brothers – A Tale Of Two Sons Video

Developer Starbreeze has released a video showing players what it would like to accomplish with its new game about two sons trying to help their ill father.

Starbreeze and 505 Games are collaborating with Swedish film director Josef Fares to bring the game about two young sons and their ill father to life, with the team going for a fairy tale storybook feel.

Instead of offering cooperative play, the title allows players to control both brothers separately via each analog stick.

To learn more about the game, read our previous story, and watch the video below.

The game will release on PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade, and PC this spring.

  • This looks really cool, can't wait to hear more.

  • Are we still searching for the dumbest and most redundant Game titles since I think this qualifies. If they're brothers, then they clearly are sons, too. I get it it's about two guys looking for their father or mother or both.
  • Liking it.

  • I'll get on psn if reviews are any good.
  • the wii U could use a game like this thats for sure

  • Looks cool

  • Great but will the mechanics keep the player involved? Sure you can interact differently between the two brothers but will those actions determine any sort of long ended course or payoff? It looks like Ico on wheels.

  • Looks interesting! :) Hopefully this'll do good, we need more interesting Swedish games!

  • I'm glad to see another gamer/filmmaker hybrid doing his thing.

  • it looks not bad, and i wait for more information news.