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Celebrate Freedom With New Bros And A Discount

To celebrate American independence, Free Lives has added two new bros to its over the top, 8-bit action game. In addition, publisher Devolver Digital is offering a patriotic discount on the title this weekend.

Cherry Broling, the second announced female bro, can hover over enemies and rain bullets down from her machine gun leg. Colonel James Broddock, on the other hand, focuses on hocking grenades at foes. Both new bros are available with today's update.

Cherry Broling, modeled after Cherry Darling of Robert Rodriguez's Planet Terror.

Broforce is an action title that has you take down terrorists with the help of dozens of bros in the name of freedom. The game features fully destructible environments, a variety of gameplay modes, a level editor, and an army of bros with unique abilities and characteristics.

Colonel James Broddock, modeled after Chuck Norris as James Braddock in the Missing In Action films.

While currently playable through Early Access on Steam, Broforce is scheduled to fully release sometime in early 2015. The discount ends July 7. For now, read about our initial impressions with the game for more information about the characters and their abilities.

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  • i really like the new animated images, good job GI team, really helps with understanding an article without having to load a video
  • Edit: spacing and formatting are my forte, but GI seems to suck for it. We need: Katniss Everbro with bro and arrow from The Hungry Bros Modesty Bro Brotaku Kusanagi from Bro in the Shell Broffy the Terrorist Slayer La Femme Brokita Elizabro Swann from Pirate of the Carribroean Molly Brollioans from the Neurbromancer Piper Chapbro from Orange is the New Bro Asha Greybro, Daenarys Brogaryan, and Broya Stark from A Game of Bros: A Song of Guns and Fire Broweyn of Brohan from Bro of the Rings: The Two Bros and Return of the Bro Bro Sonja
  • Ha, female bro.
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  • I thought she was pooping bullets.