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Blood Bowl 2

Watch In-Game Footage Of This Blood Sport

Blood Bowl 2 is a sport like Football or Rugby, but with orcs and dice rolling. A sport designed at fantasy geeks if you will, or, perhaps, anyone who likes watching an orc punch a guy in the face. The developers at Cyanide Studios have released a video showing off in-game footage of a match between the humans of the Reikland Reavers and the orcs of Gouged Eye.

Sadly, however, it is cut in a way that does not show what it's like to play the game, not unlike many trailers for actual sports games (zing!). It does however show off the new graphics engine, animations and character movement, along with punching. Lots of punching. 

Blood Bowl 2 features a single player campaign, in which players can control the most famous Blood Bowl team and guide them to winning in some "unconventional and truly unique matches." What that means remains to be seen.

Those serious about their Blood Bowl can play "League" Mode, which allows players to manage a team, club, and even their stadium. Will you be able to set lamb leg prices exorbitantly high? I sure hope so. The developers also tease out that there will be new in depth multiplayer features that they will be revealing later. There has been no announced release date yet. For more coverage, check out our previous preview.

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  • I tried playing the first one and was totally blind sided because I was expecting to actually play football but with a violent fantasy twist. Needless to say the dice throwing wasnt my forte', but "to each his own". I like the style though...
  • Gameplay is probably near identical to the first game with turn-based movements between the two teams.

  • sweeeeet

  • This looks pretty epic.

  • I can't wait to play it! But is it too much to hope for a Playstation port? Please?

  • Mod

    Ahhh let the salt rolling commence! :p I have Blood Bowl, enjoted the actual table top a few times but the game is far more enjoyable, but ohhhh man getting bad rolls can REALLY piss people off xD! I hope to see bigger team customizations and a easier time recruiting more/getting some side benefits. The gold you'd earn wasn't nearly enough to recruit a Star Player for one game.

  • I miss NFL Blitz and Deathrow. Deathrow was a great game.

  • Let's just hope they don't release 5 different "versions" of this one, the only difference being a couple new teams. I lost my taste for the first game after purchasing it 3 times.

  • This game is a lot more like rugby than football. It's great though! (At least the first one was)

  • Enough of this! Just bring back Pigskin Football! One of my favorite games from my youth. Andy G. and I used to play often.