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Blood Bowl 2

Stadiums Aren't Just For Looks

Combining American football and Games Workshop’s violent Warhammer fantasy universe, Blood Bowl 2 is shaping up to be a bloody affair. It only makes sense then that the game’s virtual stadiums should be just as imposing as many of the formidable fantasy characters taking the field. You can check out some of the massive stadiums for yourself in the gallery below.

Stadiums in Blood Bowl 2 aren’t there only for looks, however. Players can spend their earnings from playing matches to transform their humble training grounds into colossal arenas, allowing for more fans to attend your games. This in turn means more money for you, as well as various bonuses to your team’s performance. Passionate fans sometimes even take the game into their own hands, storming the field to trample the opposing team’s players.

Blood Bowl 2 is being built from the ground up with a new engine developed by Cyanide Studios and will feature new modes with the aim of making the game more accessible to franchise newcomers and more enjoyable for Blood Bowl veterans. The game’s single player campaign mode promises to put players in control of one of Blood Bowl’s most famous teams as they climb their way to the top through a series of unique matches.

Multiplayer will also be seeing some big changes, though Cyanide has yet to discuss specifics. Expect more news on Blood Bowl 2 in the coming months as the game creeps towards an unspecified release date of later this year.

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  • Game looks I still say they should bring back Blitz or another old school updated super tecmo bowl as an arcade download.
  • Why can't this come out for consoles? Damn you PC elitists.
  • I want a Playstation version! But hey, the crowd is finally getting involved, just like in the tabletop miniatures game? Oh hell yeah! Personally, though, I want to see the Blood Bowl Crowd Surf come into play whenever a player gets knocked into the stands (or comes in arm's reach and can't get out out it in time). For those of you who haven't read the books or played the original game, this basically consists of passing the luckless player overhead up the stands before tossing him or her down the back of the stadium. The best variation, though, is that if the participant (player or fan) is small enough, that individual becomes a living, screaming volleyball for the fans' amusement. If they would add that into the crowd options, I would be a very satisfied coach indeed.

  • I really like Blood Bowl, but I will not buy another Blood Bowl game from Cyanide due to their shady business practices with the first Blood Bowl. Let me explain: Blood Bowl releases and it's $29.99. Blood Bowl Dark Elves Edition releases (they add one team of dark elves) and it's $29.99. It doesn't matter if you own the base game already or not. Blood Bowl Legendary Edition releases (has a half dozen new teams) and it's $29.99. Blood Bowl Chaos Edition releases (adds Chaos teams) and it's $29.99. Every iteration is the same game, but with some new teams, yet they are still charging $29.99 every time even if you already own all of the previous versions of the same game! Such a frustratingly terrible way to sell your game.
  • Really looking forward to this, but the Orc in the third photo needs to invest in a belt.
  • Oh the memories. Blood Bowl Xbox 360 version (which gameinformer gave 7.75) was released as an "unfinished game."

    There were no online Leagues and your stats did not carry over into other games. Zero customization apart from red or blue. As such no one played this game online as there was no roleplaying elements. In fact the only game I could ever get online was against a friend and we had to arrange to play and now the game sits gathering dust. Basically Cyanide Studios made their game and abandoned it with no updates...