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Black Knight Sword

Latest Trailer Looks Visually Stunning, Super Weird

Black Knight Sword is an upcoming downloadable title from Hungarian developer Digital Reality and cult favorite Japanese team Grasshopper Manufacture. If that sounds like a strange pedigree, you're right on target. This game looks bizarre in just the way I've come to expect and want from Grasshopper's releases.

Check out the trailer below to get a glimpse at the gory, side-scrolling, slash-em-up gameplay. That looks fine enough, but what seems especially appealing about Black Knight Sword is its unique puppet theater style, with shifting backgrounds and cardboard cut-out enemies.

Take a look for yourself below and then read Jeff Cork's impressions from Gamescom to get a little more info on our hopes and concerns for this title.

  • This looks strange enough to be interesting.
  • It does look peculiar. I like the diarama style of the game. I'm curious if there's a real story there, or if it'll be more focused on the side-scrolling action.

  • Wow that actually looks really cool, and its got a microwave how sweet is that!!!

  • this looks completely terrible thats all i have to say. With all the mainstream titles releasing this will get .1sec of my attention after today
  • Well that was odd.

  • This game looks really cool but I will be waiting till summer to get it most likely.

  • This game looks good, but I will be waiting for the slow days of summer to pick it up most likely.
  • The graphic are great for a 2d game.

  • Looks different. I like it!

  • This game would make a nice launch title for PSVita.

  • this looks really good, i might get it, i love weird things.

  • What was that weird face monster thingy

  • New IP looks awesome enough to warrant my purchase.

  • The game Rock of Ages is pretty cool too and it has puppet characters and stuff like this. The music is good too.

  • Wow...a game on XBL that is actually worth my money.
  • It just might be weird be bad

  • The theatrical style looks super cool, and I hope that voice is in the game.

  • I think i smell some Monty Python and the Holy Grail in this preview.
  • stunningly strangely weird

  • Wow I never heard of this game until now; it looks really cool.

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