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Bioshock Infinite

Sirens Do More Than Make Noise In BioShock Infinite

Irrational Games has released the latest in its series of Heavy Hitters videos, introducing us all to the Siren enemy type. As the team explains in the clip, she's a throwback to when the term "spiritual" meant something a bit different than what it does now.

This former singer has the unnerving ability to raise the dead with her songs. As creative director Ken Levine explains, this creates a bit of a challenge for both Booker and the player: Do you focus your attention on the Siren, because putting her down also instantly kills her minions (again), or do you worry about the guys who are actually attacking you? All we know for certain at this point is that her "song" isn't anything you're going to enjoy.

If you haven't been keeping up with this video series, there's plenty of time to catch up before the game's October 16 release. The Boys of Silence keep Columbia on high alert, the Handymen have giant fists and plenty of pep in their step, and the Motorized Patriots are about the creepiest robotic George Washingtons you're ever likely to see.

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  • Ooh, now this is haunting. I'm loving the lack of boundaries for this game. It's so... irrational!
  • every new video about this game make me more and more afraid to actually play the game but damn does it still look cool
  • Yes, I love these videos!
  • I don't know if I like where this is going. The plasmids in the first Bioshock were somewhat rooted in scince. You could somewhat see them being real in THIS universe that the developers created. Raising the dead seems a little out of place though.
  • this is gonna be so cool

  • Suprising to no one, Irrational Games has once again hit it out of the park or ball field or whatever. This game couldn't stop looking better and better if it tried.

  • This just looks so amazing. October is so far away, I need this now!!

  • meh...i can wait.

  • Sirens do more than make noise everywhere else they are found in mythology as well... in terms of enemy types, nothing here suggests something we haven't seen elsewhere- other, perhaps, than how their resurrection powers actually work. Not saying it isn't cool- just IDK, you seem like you're either diminishing existing mythology quite a bit, or suggesting these baddies are cooler than emergency vehicle noisemakers, which is not hard to accomplish (not waking me from a dead sleep several times a night is a good start).
  • Interesting.  I'm not sure how this enemy type itself could tie into the story, but I love how the choice it presents ties back into its early-20th century political themes! =D

  • I only wonder how often these heavy hitters will be thrown into the mix. They all, so far, seem to have plenty of potential to add to the ambiance of a situation... but once they end up being shoehorned in just to increase the difficulty of encounters that will be a bit of a bummer.
  • its a shame a bit. I mean bioshock before now was always grounded in science or psuedoscience. This breaks that tradition. dont know if i like that.
  • cool beans man

  • For those distressed about the scientific foundation of these enemies, they make about as much sense as the Houdini splicers who teleported at will from the first game.
  • C'mon October! ... The more I see and read about Bioshock Infinite, the more I can't wait for it to be here. .. However, it does seem a bit overwhelming to play, but I still can't wait! Bring it on!

  • Creepy

  • "All we know for certain at this point is that her "song" isn't anything you're going to enjoy." - I already know I'm gonna be annoyed by it (but not just because of what it does, it sounds horrible too) :P

  • Ok. Wow. Resurrecting the dead? Don't you think that's pushing the boundaries a little too far? I mean, the whole concept of ADAM, plasmids Big Daddies and Little Sisters, yeah that I could buy, and even the whole thing with the Handymen and Songbird. But seriously guys, ressurecting the dead?! You gotta remember that this takes place in, what was it, the 1910s, 1920s? Ok it takes place sometime around World War I. It's likely that we never will be able to develop technology capable of this kind of thing! If Mr. Levine here would elaborate a little further on the backstory of this thing, maybe then it would seem a little more realistic. I hope they have a good explanation behind these freaks of science. Still, it's an interesting idea and just one more reason for me to get this game.
  • looks gr8...

  • As long as it isn't as annoying as the security bots in Bioshock 1 and 2 then I'm fine. It got to a point where I started muting my volume everytime they showed up. It wasn't terrifying, or nerve racking or startling. It was just plain irritating.

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