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Bioshock Infinite

BioShock Infinite's Boys Of Silence Keep Columbia On Alert

The more we learn about BioShock Infinite, the faster it's becoming a contender for creepiest game of 2012. In a new developer video, the folks at Irrational Games introduce us to the Boys of Silence. Columbia may not have electronic surveillance, but you'll soon see that the powers that be have been able to make due.

As Ken Levine and his crew explain, the Boys of Silence are blind, relying on their elevated senses of hearing to monitor their surroundings. We don't know what they look like under their masks, which Irrational says adds to their general creepiness. One thing's certain: If Booker finds himself within range of those massive brass ear horns, he needs to decide whether to sneak around or take out the foe head on. As technological precursors to BioShock's surveillance cameras, however, they'll call for backup when they determine that an enemy is lurking nearby. In other words, Booker will have to think quickly.

If you missed out on the previous two entries in BioShock Infinite's Heavy Hitters series, you're in luck. Click here to learn more about the game's Motorized Patriot automaton and here for a glimpse at the Handymen. Look for BioShock Infinite on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC on October 16. 

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  • I hope you can throw a grenade down those effin horns or send in a swarm....that would be even cooler.
  • I'm so wet for this game. /thread.
  • Bioshock 2 scared the shi*t out of me so I'll probably leave this alone. Not a lot of things scare me but the atmosphere in that game is just...*shudders*
  • Cannot waiiiit!

  • did you write rapture instead of columbia?
  • Columbia. Not Rapture.

    You can remember the difference with the help of this handy mnemonic device: Rapture is unde*R* the ocean, while Columbia is above the *C*louds.

  • Don't you mean columbia, not rapture.

  • Um, isn't it Columbia, not Rapture?  Otherwise, these guys sound like they'll be a challenge.  Totally looking forward to this game.

  • yay more bioshock im so grateful

  • is the subhead supposed to say Columbia not Rapture?

  • I'm guessing those horns will be an ideal conductor for Electrobolt. Also... Rapture?
  • meh, it doesn't look that interesting in my opinion. Scary but not amazing.
  • Why did they switch the release date around so much?

  • Nice. Best game of Fall 2012

  • I would seek up behind o e of them and scream really loud into one of those horns ear thingys. Hehe

  • This thing looks so awesome! I can't wait for this game!

  • Sounds like a fun gameplay element.  And the overall "WTF" factor helps.

  • Spookular!  Interesting enemy type, though if he can't really fight back much it kind drops the fear factor from him.

  • Creepiness level: Over 9000?!

  • they look kinda weird, I reckon they probably gonna be more scary in the game then I felt when I was watching the video. But do love their retroness.

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