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See Battlefield 4's Dynamic Level Elements In Action

Destructible environments are only one way soldiers can interact with levels in Battlefield 4. This new video from DICE shows a few of the other options awaiting players.

DICE has dubbed its interactive level design "levolution," and as stupid as the term may be, the environments offer players a number of enticing opportunities to get the drop on their opponents. These include blasting open new pathways, raising security posts to block incoming vehicles, closing shutter gates to block off invading forces, and throwing grenades inside enemy-occupied boxcars and locking the door behind them. Some levels feature more large-scale changes, such as collapsing skyscrapers (which stunned E3 goers), ambient weather, and a city-wide flood. The video also shows a sneak peek at the China Rising expansion pack, which will be available to players who preorder the game or purchase Battlefield 4 Premium.

Battlefield 4 is coming to PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC on October 29. It will be a launch title for PlayStation 4 (November 15) and Xbox One (TBA). For gameplay impressions, read Mike Futter's Gamescom preview.

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  • AMAZING! BF4 just keeps raising the freaking FPS bar baby! All this and the focus on team work is why BF is my first choice for FPS's. Thank you DICE! Day One purchase with da PS4.
  • Wow, C.O.D seriously got its ass kicked this time around. Time to start leveling skyscrapers online.

  • Oh my word! So good!

  • Yeah Call of Duty:Ghost *** you I'm giving my money to Dice and their spectacular attention to detail I'm very excited for this game can't wait to purchase it!!!


  • This looks incredible. Remind me how Call of Duty is spicing things up? ...Oh yeah, portals.. -_- So hard to choose! ;)

  • Is it true that for PS4 the MP will support up to 64 player matches?
  • Bye COD, it was a good run, switching to BF.

  • Cannot wait just a couple of weeks till we get some beta testing in.
  • Tell me exactly how this game can get any better?  It's getting harder and harder to wait for the new consoles to get here...