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See Battlefield 4's Dynamic Level Elements In Action

Destructible environments are only one way soldiers can interact with levels in Battlefield 4. This new video from DICE shows a few of the other options awaiting players.

DICE has dubbed its interactive level design "levolution," and as stupid as the term may be, the environments offer players a number of enticing opportunities to get the drop on their opponents. These include blasting open new pathways, raising security posts to block incoming vehicles, closing shutter gates to block off invading forces, and throwing grenades inside enemy-occupied boxcars and locking the door behind them. Some levels feature more large-scale changes, such as collapsing skyscrapers (which stunned E3 goers), ambient weather, and a city-wide flood. The video also shows a sneak peek at the China Rising expansion pack, which will be available to players who preorder the game or purchase Battlefield 4 Premium.

Battlefield 4 is coming to PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC on October 29. It will be a launch title for PlayStation 4 (November 15) and Xbox One (TBA). For gameplay impressions, read Mike Futter's Gamescom preview.

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  • Battlefield just keeps getting better and better!!! Good Job DICE.

  • Your mom's a destructible environment.

  • Why do they try to make the video sound like a Transformers preview? DICE sucks, they've ruined Battlefield and made it as generic and low-content as CoD, who they were trying to emulate for a while, but multi-level gameplay is good, but really isn't something that needs a codeword - it's been in games for ages. Calling it levolution is dumb, do they think people are going to be using that word when talking about it?
  • Wonder how dynamic these events are truly going to be or whether it will eventually just turn into, "Alright guys, they triggered the flood, you know the drill." Not that that will be bad, just wondering how truly dynamic or scripted the game will be. Something we wont know till it's actually out, naturally.
  • This game looks better with every new video they release. Way to go DICE!
  • Sounds cool, and I like the dynamic environment concept.  But I'm hoping it's not all scripted and returns a bit to the unpredictable chaos of Bad Company 2's destructibility.  Seeing a tank run through a wall while a chopper dives into my defended building was super memorable stuff.

  • Wow. This game looks great. This is probably the first time I will choose BF over CoD.

  • Wow....these new maps for Battlefield 3 look impressive. I like that their adding more destructability. That's always a plus! O wait, this ISN'T Battlefield 3? It's 4? Well, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on EA. One word, KILLZONE!
  • i'll buy it if i have the money's. but i have sadly spent most of it with upcoming releases (GTAV, Total war Rome 2) and Steam deals. The life of a student returns in september.. Alas my gaming days shall be numbered during those months :/.

  • This smokes Ghosts

  • Cooooooool.

  • I'm sold. Not even interested in Ghost anymore

  • Ridiculous! Those guys at DICE are making epic fps games with the Battlefield series. The crazy thing is, they are only going to get better. Just crazy and I cannot wait!

  • Lost my mind will be epic on PS4