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Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4's New Map: Paracel Storm

The south China Sea can be a rough place – even if people aren't shooting at you. Here's a new trailer showcasing a new map in the game called Paracel Storm.

The map is notable not only for its naval combat but for its weather. Stormy seas and high winds add a twist to the usual gameplay concerns.

For more on the game's beta and what it means to be a Premium member, check out this previous story.

Battlefield 4 comes out for PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 on October 29, on November 15 on PlayStation 4, and sometime in November for Xbox One.

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  • So excited for this game.
  • Awwww yeah!!! This game should be really good!

  • Why would anyone ever buy another Call of Duty?
  • Looks like Ghosts' changing maps just got pwnd! Anyone who can watch this and still defend COD's lameness is a maximum fanboy.
  • ive never played a Battlefield game before, mostly due to not having a gaming PC and thinking that the smaller player cap on consoles wouldnt be fun, but this looks incredible and im absolutely going to give it a shot on my PS4.
  • This game is the biggest single reason I'm getting a next gen console. :)
  • Man can Dice make good Multiplayer gameplay trailers.  Reminds me of the one that came out for BF3 that blew everyone away

  • I'm going to get knifed a lot as I stop and stare at everything going on.
  • Holy *** look at that destroyer coming in. Welp gents I "was" on a boat
  • Call of Duty: Hey guys! We blow up a gas station in our map! Totally a game changer! Battlefield: We ran a battleship across an island.
  • Battlefield is an amazing game! Bud i'm not so happy that they already announced Premium for it.. We haven't even played / discovered Battlefield 4 it self yet..
  • I don't understand what COD has over this. I'm sure this game will sell at least 15m units. But the fact COD will sell twice that is just stupid.
  • Ahhhhhhh! Hurry up and release already!

  • Personally I'm not a big fan of these sort of maps where one team is on an island and another is on a ship at sea. I HATE those two maps on Battlefield 3... But that ship crashing onto the island looks really #### cool.
  • Sooo should I throw my money at them now or wait till it actually comes out?
  • Let me get this out of the way. I am a fan of BOTH Battlefield and Call of Duty. My love for Call of Duty may not be as strong as it was when Modern Warfare 1 came out but I can still dedicate some time to it. Too many people keep comparing Battlefield with Call of Duty. Yes they're both FPS's, yes they both involve military warfare. But Transformers and Pacific Rim were two completely different movies. Both had giants robots and were fighting to protect earth. I see it that way. Each of these games offers up a very definitive experience. From audio, video, to controls. I love the OPENESS and FREEDOM of Battlefield. It surrounds you with an environment that feels, sounds, and looks like an actual Battlefield (hence the name). The destruction, the weapons, everything is alive. Now Call of Duty. The environments are not always the largest but the level design in phenomenal. The sound is improving big time from what I hear as well. In my opinion i get a much faster and more stressful experience when playing Call of Duty. These games both run on top notch engines. Say what you want that one is better than the other, but I believe it's come to the point that they're so different in so many ways that they both offer Ridiculously awesome experiences and give us an addiction we must feed 3-4 hours everyday.
  • My life will cease to exist as of October 29th. I'm a little worried.

  • Still Suprises  Me to this day that people compare this series to cod, they do not Compare bf is on a higher level altogether

  • gettin the PS4 one. so yeah. hello 64 players!

  • Colours are bad, extremely washed out. The water looks really bad. Overall, the graphics are blah. DICE really cashed out ages ago, haven't made a game with integrity in a long time.
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