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The Best Moments From Battlefield 4's Multiplayer

Battlefield 4's 64-player multiplayer was the highlight of the EA press conference, and here you can see some of the session's best moments.

The game's multiplayer shows off two notable modes: Levolution and Commander Mode. The former brings the environment more into play, and EA cites things like destructable skyscrapers as a way to change the battlefield. The latter is the return of the older Battlefield mode.

For more on the game's single-player showcase today, check out this trailer and a collection of screens.

Visit our E3 News Headquarters for all the stories from the show, including DICE's live stream of a 64-player Battlefield 4 match.

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  • Dang.

  • Oh my god, that was amazing. Map looks great, as well as the graphics and destruction. The elevator was a neat touch, and the destruction is beyond what I could ever imagine possible. Is that Levolution mode all about destroying buildings? If so... this game will be amazing.  

  • I'm really glad that they seem to be ramping up the destruction in this one.

  • I have never played a Battlefield before but I am excited for this one. Ill be snagging it for PS4 for sure.
  • This looks amazing. This is a must have just for multiplayer

  • This will be beast.

  • Ahh, so much gaming news today, I'm so pumped for the next-gen right now.

  • If there was a capture point on top of the skyscraper, how could they capture it if it's leveled? I think it's scripted -_-
  • Ok, that one made my jaw drop. I've never bought a CoD or Battlefield title, as I'm not a multiplayer guy, but holy ****.

    Where's that Shut up and take my money pic when you need it?

  • Sweeeeeeet!

  • Was that a knife counter kill I saw? Take my money.

  • It had better have 128 player matches on consoles.
  • You can't say that looks like ***, Battlefield 4 is going to own the modern combat genre.

  • Dear GameInformer, Correct me if I'm wrong, but I do believe Levolution isn't a mode but a gameplay mechanic for all matches! Sincerely, El Gaupo Mucho
  • This demo was very impressive. I wonder how dynamic the destruction will actually be in the final game, because man it looked incredible. Dropping the street beneath the tank and the skyscraper coming down were jaw dropping moments, and if they can integrate destruction like that across the whole map I will be very happy.

  • Hope about I'll get some more information on Battlefront first, and then I'll decide. That is if Battlefront comes out this year. Yeah, it's not coming out this year...

  • Beautiful. I like it. I might buy next gen just for this game.

  • Shut up and take my money.

  • does anyone know what the difference between this gen battlefield 4 and next gen battlefield 4 will be? Im just curious why wait for next gen battlefield? whats the incentive to wait?
  • that was b(ea)utiful