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Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4 Trailer, Post-Launch DLC For Xbox One

DICE showcased the trailer below during Microsoft’s E3 press conference. The footage shows action from a single player mission, including the destruction of a fighter, jet and a firefight at sea.

Read more about the DICE presentation here.

DICE also announced the exclusive Xbox One DLC, Battlefield 4: Second Assault. The DLC will be released after launch and will include four remastered maps from Battlefield 3.

Visit our E3 News Headquarters for all the stories from the show, including DICE's live stream of a 64-player Battlefield 4 match.

  • Really like how natural it looked. Everything happened so randomly, and the gameplay really reflects the type of experience we can expect. I doubt there will be anyone who simply crashes every chopper into a building only to find out that it suddenly turns into some unbreakable construct, because DICE wasn’t going to render every single room inside of a skyscraper. Commander mode is back, meaning more 9 year olds shouting “you can’t tell me what to do”, and then driving his squad’s jeep off a bridge. God I love FPS communities.
  • Looks cool.
  • Both single player/multiplayer gameplay looked amazing...Im sure it will look amazing on PS4 also

  • Did I mention that in CoD fish move out of the way...
  • I hope the campaign is good. Multiplayer is a sure deal for me already.

  • This is gonna sound dumb, but I'm thrilled to see some colors in this one. BF3 had such dull colors. And why can't we have gore in any online FPS games? Seriously, you have this crazy engine which was practically made for destruction (so you tell us) but it doesn't work on enemies? It doesn't have to be great, but at least let me see some bullet holes in my enemies when I blast them with a shotgun.
  • Serious question so someone please answer me, they didnt specifically say the next gen consoels were getting 64 players online so do we have it or not, because if not im really ticked.
  • Although it was heavily scripted, it blew my mind. Collapsible sky-scrapers? Yes please
  • Seriously how do you guys let yourselves be fooled by this? The console for the game isn´t even release and they are already announcing DLC????? Even worse the DLC will include last games maps -.- I really hope they don´t charge for that because to me it doesn´t make sense, how can they charge for something that was just ported over from the previous games, it´s like Uncharted 3 that asked 10 euros for Uncharted 2 maps -.- seriously just because in uncharted 3 we can sprint doesn´t make me want to spend 10 euros for something that was free on the previous game? If I want to play those maps I go back to UC2 rather than buying it again.
    They have time and space to include the DLC to the main game but hey lets just milk some of our fans -.- naughty dog did that with uncharted 3 and they lost at least one costumer.
  • I never liked the Battlefield series, but the gameplay I saw looked like it would be a lot of fun.

  • It's actually only exclusive for the Xbox One for a limited time. It will come to other platforms eventually.

  • I am a lucky ownder of a Day One Pre-Order of XBOX One. I am thinking the whiners are funny.
  • Talk about trying to demolish the competition. No holding back MS.

  • 1. From the first couple of minutes I can see developers haven't done their military homework. You don't just kick in watertight doors. Ever. They're made to withstand the pressure from thousands of gallons of water. No human could ever kick that open. 2. Judging from where the combat took place, the opening firefight looks like it took place in the CIC (combat information center), one of the most heavily guarded places on the ship. No way boarders are getting anywhere close to that place. 3. I obviously don't know the back story to what went on but, no way in the world is anybody going to every board an aircraft carrier. They ALWAYS deploy with multiple cruiser, frigates, supply ships, submarine and a MEU (marine expeditionary unit) is shadowing them. You better damn well bring a massively huge armada to get anywhere near that aircraft carrier. Other than those glaring mistakes, the game play looked solid and the environments looked cool.
  • Looking cool enough so far.

  • Looks AWESOME! BF games need to be the number 1 sellers, not COD!

  • The scope of this game looks massive and the graphics are very pretty. Furthermore, once again they prove to be masters of destruction.

  • Glad to see they realistically created the interior of the carrier (although for gameplay purposes its way bigger than the real thing)  my only complaint is the lack of people in the short sections onboard. Over 8k people live on that beast and your telling me only a few dead bodies can be seen? Anyways thats just a minor a complaint. This section also saddens me being in the navy i would absolutely be devastated if something like this ever happens, in case yal don't know over 10k people died (its fake i Know) in those two ships you saw go down. Overall im excited to play this game!  Cant wait!

  • So good ... and to think a few years ago I was telling my friends that BF 2 was a waste of time and that I would never get it into ... now look at me I'm the biggest hog when it comes to this game!! :D