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Bethesda Gets Into The Free-To-Play Game

Bethesda has announced its foray into free-to-play with the upcoming 32-player BattleCry, developed by the similarly named BattleCry Studios. The title takes place in a world in which gunpowder is outlawed and old tensions have been reignited.

Players will fight on the side of the Royal Marines or the Cossacks (both of which can be seen bloodying up the battlefield in the video below). Classes include the Enforcer (a warrior with a huge sword), the Tech Archer (who attacks from afar), and the Duelist (agile and stealthy).

The combat includes an adrenaline system that seems similar to a fighting game’s super meter. You can either expend some of your adrenaline for short bursts of power or save it up for an ultimate attack.

The art is designed by Viktor Antonov (Half-Life 2, Dishonored), and Bethesda says the title is heavily influenced by comic book style aesthetics. BattleCry will enter beta in 2015.

BattleCry Studios was opened in 2012 and is located in Austin, Texas. Studio head Rich Vogel previously worked on Star Wars: The Old Republic for BioWare and, before that, Ultimate Online and Star Wars Galaxies.

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  • Oh man, Anita Sarkeesian will not be pleased. Only two female characters in the whole roster, and the one who was in the strongest role died, which means this game obviously wanted to teach her a lesson for daring to be strong while not being a man. Uh, so sexist.
  • This will not end well. Bethesda used to be known for quality, what happened?
  • Well color me interested. This has the potential to be pretty fun.
  • If this game isnt even entering beta unil 2015, I think there is a very good chance that ESO, not Battlecry, will be Bethesda's first F2P game.
  • UUUGH. Steampunk is such a tired concept. I honestly have never had the faintest interest in it, and its overused. That said, BETHESDA! Drop this crap and get back in the Elder Scrolls / Fallout rooms where you belong! EDIT: Haaah, I had to re-read it to see that the art designer of Dishonored did this. No wonder its steampunk...
  • Sees "Bethesda" in a story title = :D Realizes it's just a publishing deal = :/ Sees "Free-to-Play" = >:(
  • This is either gunna be real good or real bad.
  • Looks pretty cool to me. Is it confirmed for PC only?

  • Irrelevant until I see Fallout 4.
  • i cant wait to sword fight :D
  • I have a lot of faith in Bethesda. They typically make me pretty happy. Besides Brink. No idea what happened to that one.
  • Looks pretty interesting. Might give it a try, seems to be something like Team Fortress but with guns and arrows.

  • So let me get this straight, Bethesda comes out and says a few days ago that they won't be announcing a new title for a long time then today they announce they are bringing this out? That lasted long.
  • Looks like a cross between Team Fortress 2 and Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. I can see this being very popular.

  • Brink + Dishonored + micro-transactions = this game. Ugh, man. In seeing that they have or are putting out Wolfenstein, ESO, the Evil Within and now this? I'm looking at a premium game company that's losing its way. This is the equivalent of George R.R. Martin stopping Game of Thrones where it's at and turning his attention to 275 page mystery novels. Heartbreaking.
  • For some raisin I'm getting a TF2 vibe from this game...
  • Wow that was a pretty epic trailer! I bet the real game is anything but. But I guess we will have to see. Kind of reminds me of how awesome Warface trailers looked and then the game is crap.
  • Looks aesthetically similar to an even cartoonier Dishonored. Maybe I'm reading too far into it...but can't shake that feeling.
  • It has potential, and since it is FTP I may check it out. However I have my doubts about it.

  • Looks pretty interesting, and if it's truly "free-to-play" I'll undoubtedly give it a shot.

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