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Discover The Dangers Of Tar In New Trailer

I haven't seen a ton of BattleBlock Theater, the upcoming new release from developer The Behemoth, but this latest trailer has totally sold me on the game.

Following the trials of prisoner #10326 (a.k.a. the poet), this trailer shows off some of the intense platforming challenges that players will be tasked to perform using tar blocks. These sticky platforms allow the player to slide down walls or wall jump between two surfaces, but they can also make getting away from enemies and obstacles a challenge.

Check out the trailer below. It's certainly convinced me to keep an eye out for this game.

  • Reminds me of Super Meat Boy, but more detailed. And are those people sitting in a theater at the bottom, or am I crazy?
  • Are these the guys who did Castle Crashers? similar art style Also hilarious trailer.
  • It's about dang time.

  • Mod

    The Behemoth is awesome. Love their games and this has been looking great each time I see it, though some multiplayer videos would be nice. Still, I'll be picking this up whenever it comes out which is hopefully soon because it feels like forever since it was announced.

  • That looks frustrating as hell.

  • This isn't out yet? come on! they've been working on this for ages!

  • Gotta buy this. I love Castle Crashers and Behemoth. (But not Alien Hominid lol)

  • I am such a fan of Castle Crashers that I am going to check this game out just because it is developed by the Behemoth.
  • i want this game so bad. castle crashers was amazing, and im sure this will be too.

  • So Microsoft is publishing this. Bummer, I was hopping that this was going to be multiplatform.
  • immediately sold on this. Looks like awesome solid fun

  • I played Alien Hominid and loved it. Bought Castle Crashers and adored it. I'm excited for this one :P!

  • Funny stuff!

  • Can't wait!

  • Looks like a mix between Castle Crashers and Super Meat Boy.


  • The Behemoth pumps out nothing but awesome. I look forward to this.

  • And it ends with a Cowboy Bebop reference like I wasn't already sold...
  • This game looks pretty interesting, the Behemoth certainly does great work. The ending made me think of Cowboy Bebop.
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