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Batman: Arkham City

The Riddler Returns To Arkham City

One of my personal qualms with Batman: Arkham Asylum was a lack of payoff for completing the lengthy Riddler challenges, with the game not offering a glimpse of the maniacal genius in his moment of capture. As of today, the Riddler's absence has been rectified.

While his role in Arkham City is still thickly veiled, a recent demo at GDC confirmed that Edward Nigma will play a larger, darker, and visible role in the game. Taking to the rooftops, we witnessed Batman use his cryptographic sequencer to pick up on a radio signal scrawled across a billboard. Tuning in on the numbers ushered in a cutscene in which E. Nigma gave us a peek into his unstable world. He taunted Batman incessantly over images of human captives, illustrating that he has upped the ante this round.

Yesterday we learned that the Riddler trophies will return, but with a catch. Now, instead of decoding riddles Batman will have to track down goons that have information on the item’s location. Many of the trophies will be booby trapped, too.

Check a pair of new screens and a piece of concept art below showcasing what The Riddler is up to in Arkham City. You can read our most recent preview here.

Batman: Arkham City releases for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC on October 18.

  • But didnt you guys mentioned that he had a gang wayyyy back when the game was announced?Btw Meagan if you read this pleasee i need help with something related to cosplay D:!!!!
  • This game just gets more and more awesome with every new piece of info.

  • This is great, I loved finding the Riddler's hidden stuff in the first game. Heck, I love any game that gives me fun things to find. It's a joy to explore worlds and stuff like this just gives you more reason to do so. It also provided suspense when you were around the cells in the last game, because you wanted to find the stuff, but had to worry about psychos jumping out and startling you.

  • The Riddler looks different than what I would imagine for this game.
  • There is a new Gameplay trailer on  YouTube!  It looks glorious!

  • This is awesome. Cannot wait for this game to come out!

  • cant freaking wait!!

  • I can't wait for this game. My expectations keep getting higher and higher.

  • this is great news..

    can we please finally catch him and beat him into thinking he's a fake leprechaun?

  • I think it'll be interesting to have him take a more personal role this time but I doubt we'll be seeing him in person, at least as Batman.

  • oh wow so they are going to make this more challenging! i'm so up for that! i hope they keep edward nigma's voice the same as in arkham asylum =)

  • Awesome, I loved the riddler trophies in Asylum, glad to see they will be coming back with an even bigger role.

  • I loved the payoff we did get with the Riddler trophies. I couldn't help but smirk as I heard the King of Conundrums arrested and hauled off to the Asylum that I was currently working my way through.
  • wow... good character design...

  • So what's the deal with the Riddler anyway? He doesn't seem to... do anything. He just reminds me of the Interrupter from Conan x.x
  • Can't wait for three man takedowns and diving from rooftops! This game is gonna rock!

  • Ah-ha! Finally Mr. E. Nigma shows his face.

  • loved Riddler trophies

  • I just wish the Riddler could be in the next Batman movie. *sigh*

  • That's definitely the most bad ass depiction of the riddler I have ever seen.
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